Inside Abbey Road

Abbey Road Studios is a recording studio that was established in November 1931.

Apart from being the name of one of the most important albums in the world by The Beatles, Abbey Road is very well known for being a venue for innovative recording techniques in the 1960’s.

Bands such as The Beatles, the Hollies, Pink Floyd, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Paul Robeson, Cliff Richard, Blur, Gustavo Cerati, Dura Duran, Enya, Radiohead, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Meat Loaf, Dave Matthews, Depeche Mode, and a ton more of insane bands and artists have worked at Abbey Road Studios. – To be honest, if I were a musician, I’d def do some work at the studio… Abbey Road Studios is iconic, and will continue being a legendary place till the world ends.

Well, now all of us music lovers will get the chance to have a sneak peak at what the famous studio actually looks like thanks to Google!

Click on the following link and have a tour of Abbey Studios!

Inside Abbey Road

Watch The Swinging Blue Jeans perform The Hippy Hippy Shake in a mocked up session at Abbey Road.

Texas ft. Paul Buchanan (Live at Abbey Road) – Sleep

Primus cover Tool’s Ænema at their gig last Saturday

Primus performed at Chicago’s Concord Music Hall on Saturday night as a part of their tour.

As Tim Alexander (drummer of the band since it started back in 84′) is recovering from heart surgery, Tool’s Danny Carey has been filling his space – due to that, the Primus guys plus Danny came up with something very special for their fans on Saturday; a cover of Tool’s Ænema!

Tim will be back with Primus this October for their Willy the Wonka themed tour.

Have a look at the video here, and see how the crowd respond to the cover Primus do!

Concord Music Hall Setlist:
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
Here Come the Bastards
Last Salmon Man
Southbound Pachyderm
Over the Falls
Jilly’s On Smack (Drum solo)
Ænema (Tool cover)
To Defy the Laws of Tradition
American Life
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
My Name is Mud
Harold of the Rocks
Too Many Puppies