Track of the day: Solitude is Bliss

Todays track of the day is Solitude is Bliss by the Aussie based psychedelic band, Tame Impala.

I’m a big fan of the music and vibe the boys provide us. Plus, all the boys are VERY attractive.
SOLITUDE: the state of being or living alone; seclusion.

BLISS: supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment.

Every now and then, Solitude (really) is Bliss.

Tame Impala release first song off third studio album

Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala have been active since 2007 but rose to fame in 2010 with their first studio album Innerspeaker.

Innerspeaker has songs such as Alter Ego, I Don’t Really Mind, and my fave Tame track, Solitude is Bliss.

F.Y.I: The band name is a reference to the impala, a medium size antelope.

I’ve seen the guys perform twice, Lollapalooza 2012 in Chicago and in Mexico City and both times I was on my tip toes with excitement.

Their music is funky, exciting and free, and their audiovisuals, phwoar… Another level!

Well they released their latest single Let It Happen last week and it’s just perfect.

Here’s a taste of Tame Impala’s third studio album (which is yet to be titled) below!