Best Brit Pop songs of the 90s – Day 5 (Suede)

Suede are en English alternative rock band from London.

The Drowners is Suede’s debut single and is on their first album called Suede. The song was released in 1992 and according to journalist John Harris, “[I]f Britpop started anywhere, it was the deluge of acclaim that greeted Suede’s first records: all of them audacious, successful and very, very British.”

Sorry for repeating the word Suede so much…. It sounds so… Delicate.

Suede – The Drowners

Dog Man Star will be 20 years old this year and Suede have a surprise for us

English rock band, Suede brought out their second studio album Dog Man Star 20 years ago this October. As a (good) consequence of that, they’re going to release a Dog Man Star 20th anniversary boxset on October 20th.

The boxset will include all of the b-sides that came with the album’s singles as well as DVD footage and previously unseen video interviews with the boys, memorable live performances, ‘Dog Man Star’ tour films and more!

Hits like “We Are the Pigs”, “The Wild Ones”, “New Generation” and “The Hollywood Life” were on this wonderful album.

Suede – We Are the Pigs live on Top of the Pops, Sept 1994