St. Vincent plays a very interesting game with an interviewer at Rock En Seine’s festival

St. Vincent better known as Annie Clark is very open on talking about her musical influences, and she even got to collaborate with one of her favourite musicians, David Byrne on their joint album Love This Giant. – If you haven’t heard their album, please DO! Since the second I heard their first single Who, I fell in love with them as a duo. Plus, the video for that particular song is incredible.

David Byrne & St. Vincent – Who

The 22nd, 23rd, and 24th of August was a special weekend in France as it was Rock En Seine‘s festival and Miss Clark herself was playing a set there. French site Sourdoreille decided to play a game with her to see if she could identify songs from her biggest influences and collaborators. The video is very interesting, plus she messes up big time when the interviewer plays a song from her old band Polyphonic Spree and she tells the interviewer “You’re f*cking with me” after she doesn’t guess an Xmas song done by Sufjan Stevens.

After seeing this video, I find St. Vincent more interesting and quirky than ever before! LOVE HER!

Blind test – St. Vincent revisite ses… by sourdoreille