Today I’m losing my Rolling Stones virginity!

Today I lose my Rolling Stones VIRGINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rolling Stones will be playing today and on Thursday in Mexico City!

It’s not the first time they’ve played in this wonderful City, but it is the first time I’ll see them play LIVE!

I’m lucky enough to be going for work and you can read an article I’ll be writing for an american magazine, tomorrow or on Wednesday.

I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you later, Mick, Ronnie, Keith and Charlie!


Sympathy for the Devil

The Rolling Stones 1972 tour and Jose Cuervo

The Rolling Stones hit song Miss You musicalizes Jose Cuervo‘s latest avert.

The Rolling Stone’s 1972 tour is better known as the “Cocaine and Tequila Sunrise tour” – obviously not to the world, but to the band, and it was the first tour the boys went on with their own hired plane with the famous lips and tongue logo painted on it. Cuervo comes into the picture as the boys drank that brand of tequila throughout the whole tour.

The advert is very similar to what I have always thought a plane ride of hot, talented, rock n roll musicians touring in the 70’s and 80’s must’ve been like… (I’m sure it was a tad more X rated back in the day)… Anyways, the advert came out a few days ago and I must say, I LOVE IT!