Take the time to Waste a Moment with the Kings of Leon

A few hours ago, the very talented (and fit) 4 piece rock band Kings of Leon released their latest tune Waste a Moment.

kingsofleon wasteamoment newmusic newalbum walls usa music
Cover art for Waste a Moment

Waste a Moment is the first single off their upcoming album WALLS (out on the 14 October).

Random fact that I had no idea about until TODAY: Caleb, Nathan and Jared are brothers, Matthew is their cousin.

kingsofleon caleb jared nathan matthew band music musica musicians
Kings of Leon

As always, the boys nailed it to a T. Both the song and video are ace.

Have a listen and look at Waste a Moment, here!

Have a listen to The Strokes new material, here!

About 2 years ago I got the chance to interview Julian Casablancas with his band Julian Casabalancas + the Voidz.

I must say, interviewing Julian and the boys is definitely in my Top 5 interviews!

Well, Julian is also the frontman of one of the most important rock bands of my era, I’m talking about The Strokes.

the strokes the strokes new york city nyc america new music musica
The Strokes

The Strokes began in 1998 and they’re from New York City. They have 5 studio albums and will bring out an EP called Future, Present, Past very soon.

They’ve released a few audios that’ll be featured on their upcoming EP.

Have a listen to them, here!

Threat of Joy


Drag Queen

Gwen Stefani works with Sophie Muller on her latest music video; Misery.

English music video director, Sophie Muller worked with Gwen Stefani on her latest music video Misery.

The video is beautiful, the song is cool, too!

Misery is featured on Stefani’s third solo studio album This Is What The Truth Feels Like Out (released in March 2016).

(This is Gwen’s comeback after The Sweet Escape – which came out in 2006!!!)

The rumours are true!!!

All the rumours we’ve been hearing since last November are TRUE!

The Stone Roses are releasing a new single tonight at 8pm! (UK time, Mexico City 2pm)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mancunian band will be playing in Manchester, at T in the Park, Ireland and in New York this June and are playing at a few festivals here and there.

I’m a MASSIVE Stone Roses fan, so I can’t wait to hear what the boys after over 20 years have in store for us!

My favourite NEW songs by 13 artists

So much is going on in the world – always, I know… But lately I feel that it’s affected me in a personal way.

I’m a sensitive one… And I get caught up with what’s going on quite a lot, but these past few weeks, for me at least, loads has gone on… In the world, and in my personal life.

People I’ve met, things I’ve seen, heard and read, what I’ve done and on that matter, not done… And the list goes on… And that’s why I hadn’t written…

But I’m here, and what matters (in my opinion) is quality, and that’t the point of every single post I write.

So… I’d like to write up and share with you all some new music.

1) On May 5th, the Red Hot Chili Peppers released Dark Necessities.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The song will be on their upcoming album The Getaway out on June 17th!

Personally, I LOVED this tune! It’s delicious!

2) Louisa Rose Allen AKA Foxes is a 27 year old singer and songwriter from London. All I Need is the name of Foxes second studio album, and the song Cruel is on it.


I’m a big fan of this lady from the U.K!

3) Justin Timberlake has done it again! Since his first solo album, I knew this guy had that special spark… And well after three years, JT is back with this perfect dance tune.

Justin Timberlake

The name of his latest piece of art is Can’t Stop The Feeling.

4) Radiohead is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favourite bands.


I got the chance to listen to the album called A Moon Shaped Pool on Sunday on the radio (you can hear and download it online) and it’s sensational. PERFECT. I mean, it blew me away, but the english band never seem to let me down!

Burn The Witch


5) Since Songs in A Minor I knew she was one of mine…

I’m talking about Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys

Alicia’s last album came out in 2012 and her sound has changed quite a lot. It’s different, but it’s mesmerising and unique!

I hope you enjoy her latest single In Common as much as I do!

6) On My Own is the name of Jake Bugg‘s third album – out in June!

Jake Bugg

Love, Hope and Misery is the name of the 22 year old’s latest tune.

7) 28 year old Mike Posner from Detroit is full of surprises. He’s a songwriter, singer, rapper and record producer – he co-wrote Sugar by Maroon 5, Boyfriend by Bieber, and has worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Avicii, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell Williams and many more!

Mike Posner

The song is called Buried in Detroit ft. Big Sean and it’s ACE!

8) Those that read my stuff every now and then will know that I’m a big R&B and Hip Hop fan…

Kehlani is a 21 year old American singer-songwriter and since l first heard her stuff (FWU came out in November 2014!), I was really into her vibe.


Her latest track is called 24/7 and it’s fab!

9) Indie Pop dup, Tegan and Sara will release their eighth studio album called Love You to Death in June.

Tegan and Sara

100x is the second song that’s been released that will be on the 10 track album.

10) Another homeboy of mine, James Blake released his latest album The Colour in Anything on May 6th!

James Blake

I’ve only heard 2 songs so far, but I fell in love with this song in particular.

I Need a Forest Fire

11) Goo Goo Dolls are back!

Goo Goo Dolls

Anyone and EVERYONE has heard Iris, and still to this day, I LOVE IT!

Boxes is the name of their latest album and it’s so 90’s. Blast from the past, that’s for sure!

Check out the two following songs featured on Boxes, here!



12) White Lung is a Punk Rock band from Canada. They are fantastic!

White Lung

Check out one of their latest tunes, Below, here!

13) To finish this list I put together, we’ve got Australian singer-songwriter Ry X.

Ry X released his second studio album Dawn a few days ago.

Ry X

Deliverance is the name of the song I’d like to share with you (featured on Dawn). It’s stunning, from beginning to end!!!

M.I.A releases latest music video and it’s fantastic!

English artist M.I.A just released her latest tune and video Rewear It.

M.I.A has been on the radar since the year 2000, but when she brought out Paper Planes in 2009, she became HUGE.

One of my fave tunes by the Brit is Bad Girls and her music videos are visually insane. Beautiful locations, people, dancing and acting.

Rewear It was made for H&M’s World Recycle Week (18th – 24th April).

Have a look at the video, below!

URSS Bajo el Árbol lanza video para el primer sencillo de su próximo álbum

Uno de mis grupos favoritos, URSS Bajo el Árbol acaba de sacar el video para la canción Profecía.

Profecía es el primer sencillo del upcoming disco de URSS y saldrá a mediados del año (no hay fecha definido aun).

Pueden ver a los chavos tocar el próximo 2 de abril en Álvaro Oregon 160 (Roma Norte) y el 15 de abril en el Alicia. Son una bandota, y en vivo, even better! So if you’re free next Saturday, you MUST check them out!