This weeks recommendation: Sittin’ Pretty

As I mentioned a few days ago, I collaborate on a radio programme in Mexico City every Saturday from 6pm – 7pm on Reactor 105.7FM called Vigia.

I recommend upcoming/underground bands from the U.K – so please, if you have a band and/or know of someone in a band, let me know!

Sittin' Pretty

Jergas, the radio shows host put on some incredible tunes on Saturday such as Rudimental ft. Mahalia – We The Generation and Glass Animals – Haze.

Saturday 10th October 2015 recommendation: Sittin’ Pretty
– 5-piece blues rock band from Bolton, Greater Manchester, England.
– The bands influences are Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, Black Keys, White Stripes and The Doors.
– Their first EP called 24/7 will be released next month, don’t forget to check it out!
– Song I recommended: Dirty Side
Thanks to George (the bands bassist) for chatting with me and helping me out with info!
All the best guys!

Check out the show below!

Vigía #21: Glass Animals, Denver, Oberhofer, Miqui Brightside by Jergas on Mixcloud

Haslam (DJ at The Haçienda) to sell over 4,000 vinyls

Dave Haslam DJ-ed at The Haçienda (nightclub and music venue) over 450 times through the Madchester years back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Dave Haslam

(He played on the last night the club was open – June 28th 1997!)

Haslam has been credited as an inspiration to bands such as The Chemical Brothers, Tim Burgess and Ian Brown (lead singer of the Stone Roses) and has been described as “the man with golden ears”.

People leaving the dance floor at The Haçienda’s 8th Birthday party in 1990

Dave has played at after parties for New Order, Gorillaz and Depeche Mode and music festivals all over the world.

His DJ philosophy is “playing the best records ever made one after the other.”

At the moment Haslam hosts a number of club nights in Manchester and has pursued a career as a writer and journalist.

Well, Dave recently posted the following on Facebook and got an incredible response and feedback from music lovers all over the globe…

Screen shot 2015-10-07 at 11.23.27 AM
I can’t even begin to imagine what one could come across while flipping through over 4,000 pieces of art owned by this fella…. *deep breath*

Haslam wrote the following on his post “ALL MY VINYL is for sale, but ideally I would like someone to take the whole lot..” – passionate guy that’s for sure!

I’d love to buy each and everyone of them, but I’m sure it’s kind of pricey, and… well… I don’t have enough room for 400 vinyl’s, never mind 4,000!

To whoever the lucky owner of the vinyl’s may be, RESPECT!

Have a listen to a 15 minute recorded live mix Dave did back in August 1991 at The Haçienda, here!

I can’t believe I just discovered A Guy Called Gerald

Gerald Rydel Simpson, better known as A Guy Called Gerald was born in Moss Side, Manchester, England back in 1967 – and has been in the music industry for over 25 years now, and I ONLY JUST DISCOVERED HIM!

Gerald and I come from the same part of England, (which makes me very proud to be a Mancunian!) and is best known for his work in the acid house scene of Madchester in the late 80’s.

Considering the fact that G’s been going for quite a few years now, I came across one of his biggest tracks called Voodoo Ray (one of his first tracks) and it’s immense!

Gerald played in The Haçienda back in 1988 – damn, if only I was born a few years earlier, I would’ve loved to have gotten the chance to go to Haç! He has over 10 studio albums and has even collaborated with Herbie Hancock!!!

Anyways, I’d like to share this piece of gold with you all, hope you enjoy it, and long live Manchester and it’s music!

A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray

Meet JJ Hodari, a passionate musician that I’ve known since I was a child

Born and raised in Manchester, England, JJ Hodari, is a down to earth, passionate, deep guy with an immense love for music that is noticeable the minute you hear him sing or see him play.

I’ve known JJ for years, since we were toddlers, and when I heard his music the first, I remember I was speechless. I had no idea JJ was into music! We were friends on social networks, but hadn’t really kept that much in touch…

JJ has said that he wants to make real music, no gimmicks – and this is evident in his emotive vocals and catchy melodies.

It’s weird to be a fan of someone you’ve known for years, but I must say, I am a big fan of yours JJ!

May your passion spread around the world, and I wish you the best in the world.

Have a listen to JJ perform his debut single Break our Bones released last October here: