Good one, Muse!

English rock band, Muse were kind of forced to do a playback performance on national TV in Italy… – I’ve seen them play live, with no playback, and they were INCREDIBLE, so I really don’t know why they were forced to do a playback gig… Anyways, watch the following video and see what the guys did… They mocked the world! Matt (lead singer) played the drums like a total shmock but in a VERY cool way, Dominic (usually on the drums) was the lead singer and played bass and Chris (bass, vocals and keyboards) played on the keyboards and guitar!

After this, I LOVE Muse more than ever before!!!

Song of the day

“You make your life however interesting you want it to be.” – Nicole Day

The quote that you just read is by me… I don’t know if anyone famous, or if Paulo Coelho or even Dalai Lama said it, to my knowledge, it’s mine and I stick by that quote every single day.

Never give up. Never stop believing in yourself. Never back down. Fight for what you want. Love. Live. Regret. Mess up. Believe. Have faith. Enjoy.

The song I’m going to post is very cheesy, but what Bon Jovi sings is so true:

“It’s my life,
and it’s now or never,
cause I ain’t gonna live forever,

How many people exist and how many really live? Thought of the day and the weekend….