Part 1 of… I don’t know how many posts this is going to take me.

It’s been a while since I last wrote… A few days, weeks, months… I’ve been out of it.

My emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, took a hold on me.

I have no idea how many people read this, what country you are in, where you are, what you’re doing, what you’re feeling at this very moment, but what I do know, is what I’m feeling at this very moment and I’d like to share a piece of me with you today.

This year has been intense. I’d sum it up as a huge, massive, wake up call. That’s how I feel and perceive the energy at this very moment. Today, Friday 30th December at 12:12pm whilst I’m sat on my brown sofa at my place whilst listening to The Verve.

I’ve got this weird feeling. Goosebumps, I’m sweating but my hands are freezing cold and my body is telling me something… I’m breathing in and out heavily… I’ve got so much to write and stuff I want to share and express, I don’t even know where (I got interrupted exactly here with a phone call I had to answer) to begin.

I remember once telling a friend, a dear friend, who I don’t speak to much anymore, a boy, a friend, that well, we parted ways due to life, but I remember telling him I wanted to write a book, but hadn’t started writing because I didn’t know where to begin… which he answered “just write, there’s no specific place, or way to begin something, just do it” – so I’ll take his advice to start now… Wow… I’m laughing and crying at this very moment (Sonnet is playing in the background)…

Breathe in… Breathe out.

I can’t remember much of this year, I’ve stored a lot of memories, emotions and feelings in different boxes in my head, but I want to begin with the following…

On April 24th 2016 I went to a festival here in Mexico City called Vive Latino. I was working so I didn’t see many bands play, I saw a song or two of a few artists, but I did get the chance to see a band play from beginning to end… That band was The Prodigy.

– I had to take a deep breath after writing that last paragraph –

So, I saw The Prodigy for the first time, live, on Sunday 24th April 2016.

I would say that every single day my life changes, I learn something, feel something new, experiment, and so on… but that Sunday will remain within me FOREVER.

I don’t even know what to write regarding what I saw and felt that day, but what I can say, is that my life changed drastically whilst experiencing and witnessing The Prodigy perform that Sunday…

I was totally sober… I had half a beer since I arrived at the festival (1:oopm) until the time I saw The Prodigy.

What I’m trying to say is… that what I felt and saw was completely real, Nicole experienced the whole situation being Nicole.


After that… I couldn’t sleep properly.

The Prodigy
The Prodigy

I thought that writing all this out would be a lot easier than what it’s actually turning out to be…

I’m going to take a break and I’ll be back in a little while.

Time to break down your barricades and follow your own heart now…

Being a 20 something year old girl, (27 to be exact) social, fun, weird, intense, emotional, single and a totally HONEST, to the point and direct gal has helped me in a lot of ways…. Minus one.

1) Family: I am extremely grateful for the Dad and sisters I got blessed with!!! – Yes, we have our ups and down, differences, we’re human and have our own ways of thinking and being, but I think as long as everyones respects everyone, we can all Float On.
Without you 3, I don’t know where I’d be <3

2) Friends: Thanks to all those in my life, whether you’re still a part of it or not, well, such is life, hold on to the good ones, never give up and recognize the honest, loving and good people.

3) Work: I do what I love!!! You know how satisfying that is?!! Well, it’s incredible!!! I’m not going to make out that it’s a piece of cake, I’m struggling, and would like to basically be the next Fearne Cotton, but whatever… Hahahaha! As Bobby Womack sang, When There’s A Will There’s A Way!

4) Men: –

I’m sure you noticed that number 4 is blank…. You know why? Well… It’s because even though guys say girls are crazy and complicated and don’t say things up front… Well, yes, I am a girl and I’m a tad crazy, but I am VERY direct. I say what’s on my mind, I don’t do the whole drama ritual of not answering the phone for a few hours or even days, block or delete a guy – that’s SO 90’s – or any of that if a guy does something I don’t agree with… I actually confront him… and guess where that has gotten me?! ABSOLUTELY nowhere.

So, after all the years playing on the field, from rounders, football to american football, I have come to a conclusion. Ready?

Do whatever the hell YOU (not your mate Sally, or cousin Laura who married the most perfect guy and can give you the “best” piece of advice) want to do, for when you meet THE ONE, you will know and he will accept you EXACTLY how YOU are.

Same goes for you accepting him… No one is perfect, including yourself, you have to recognize that, and there will be things you don’t looooove about your partner. That’s where the famous term “agree to disagree” comes into the picture. – THAT DOES NOT MEAN SETTLE – but, if he is a guy you love hanging out with, have fun, supports you, loves you, admires you – if he didn’t take out the rubbish and/or dry the dishes – which I think is absolutely ridiculous as they dry alone when you put them on the drying rack – have a go at him, but not as if you caught the guy cheating on you with your best friend! Relax, get your point across and then have fun! Life’s too short.

Your mum, dad, sister, brother, friend, colleague, pet dog, fish or therapist is not the person that will wake up everyday (however long the relationship lasts – yes, I do believe in true love and of the term FOREVER, for those wondering) next to this person, but you… So just do whatever makes you happy.

Don’t go over the What’s? If? Why? How? When? Those questions can mess you up big time… Sometimes an hour, sometimes a week, sometimes a lifetime, but just remember, as long as you were you and did everything that was in you, It’s not your fault.

I met Dave Matthews and Steffan in Mexico City!!!

WARNING: This is going to be a long, emotional, deep post.

Music is one of the most important worldly goods in my life.

Music has gotten me through so much. Good and bad, heartbreaks, love, hope, faith, disappointments, happiness, fear, indignation, anger, friendships, respect, appreciation, confusion, and the list goes on.

I mention all this because this weekend I got the opportunity to see Dave Matthews Band perform for the first time ever in Mexico City at Vive Latino festival and at El Plaza (small venue that holds 1,600 people – petit comité).

Photo taken by me at El Plaza, Mexico City

Ahead is the story of me, and Dave Matthews Band – no, not literally with the band, but how I discovered them, and the story that goes with what DMB represents in my life.

A few years back I met a guy, I thought he was the one, you know, when you feel that connection? Well, that’s what I thought with that guy from day 1.

Anyway, we started hanging out, talking and all that and he was totally obsessed with DMB. I had no idea who they were, but once I discovered them, I fell madly in love with them too.

I’m the kind of girl that puts a song, playlist, musician, concert or anything affiliated with music to a moment and/or person and Dave Matthews Band was HIM.

All was good while it was going smoothly………….. Until the day he broke my heart (which at the time screwed me over big time, but today I am SO grateful for what he did because I realized I didn’t nor do I want a person like that to be my partner.) – Goes to say, he’s a great guy and what happened, happened, no hard feelings.

One of my fave quotes is: “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” – Notting Hill

My all time fave Dave songs are:
Crash Into Me
Where Are You Going
Stay (Wasting Time)
So Much To Say
One Sweet World
Dancing Nancies
When The World Ends
Stolen Away On 55t & 3rd
Lover Lay Down
American Baby
Say Goodbye
and my new favourite to the list is Bartender.

So, at the festival on Sunday night the setlist was the following:
Don’t Drink The Water
Belly Belly Nice
Save Me
So Much To Say
Anyone Seen The Bridge
Too Much
You and Me
Jimi Thing
Ants Marching
Grey Street

and on Monday at El Plaza:
One Sweet World
What Would You Say
When The World Ends
The Space Between
Belly Belly Nice
If Only
You Might Die Trying
Shake Me Like A Monkey
Crash Into Me
Don’t Drink The Water
Typical Situation
Pantala Naga Pampa
Little Red Bird
All Along The Watchtower

Boyd & Tim, Dave Matthews Band. Taken by me at Vive Latino 2015 Mexico City

Ever heard of the saying, Everything happens for a reason?

Well, I now have many stories that remind me of the band from Charlottesville, Virginia.

I met the band through a guy that broke my heart, and met another guy thanks to the band recently.

So, my story isn’t that bad at all, it’s all about the way you look at things.

Life is all about moments, “best moments happen when they’re unplanned.” – couldn’t agree more with that quote.

We shouldn’t take life so serious…. No one gets out of it alive. So live, take risks, be careful though, don’t do stupid things… Get you heart broken, cry for days on end, laugh so much you get a stomach ache, meet people, sit back and enjoy.

So to wrap the story up, DMB was him and now it is a beautiful, very exciting story, that has involved many emotions, incredible memories and a story that is just beginning….

At this very moment I’m in this mood, so here’s Oh by Dave and Tim Reynolds for you!

The only time the word OK is accepted in my life is in the song Oh:

The world is blowing up
The world is caving in
The world has lost her way again
But you are here with me
But you are here with me
Makes it ok

Forgot to mention, I met Dave and Steffan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Queen of Psychedelic Soul died 44 years ago today

The Queen of Psychedelic Soul, Janis Joplin passed away 44 years ago today.

She is one of the members of the 27 Club alongside artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones and Jim Morrison.

Janis rose to fame in the late 60’s and two of her huge gigs were: Monterey Pop Festival in California over the summer in 1967 and the one and only Woodstock in 1969.

A post couldn’t do Joplin justice, at the end of the day she was The Queen and her voice was and is iconic.

May we remember her with one of her hit songs, Maybe.

Janis Joplin – Maybe

Song of the day

“You make your life however interesting you want it to be.” – Nicole Day

The quote that you just read is by me… I don’t know if anyone famous, or if Paulo Coelho or even Dalai Lama said it, to my knowledge, it’s mine and I stick by that quote every single day.

Never give up. Never stop believing in yourself. Never back down. Fight for what you want. Love. Live. Regret. Mess up. Believe. Have faith. Enjoy.

The song I’m going to post is very cheesy, but what Bon Jovi sings is so true:

“It’s my life,
and it’s now or never,
cause I ain’t gonna live forever,

How many people exist and how many really live? Thought of the day and the weekend….