I didn’t think I could love Chris Martin more… And then I saw this!

I Love Chris Martin and thought I couldn’t love him much more…

But then I saw Carpool Karaoke with  James Corden and Chris Martin and phwoaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!

It was filmed a tad before the Super Bowl and both James and Chris sing my favourite Bowie tune, Heroes!

Not only that, but they pick up lemonade from some kids selling drinks on the street, sing Yellow, have a kip together and much more.

Have a look at the boys sing, laugh and talk about random stuff, here!

MUST watch: James Corden and Justin Bieber driving around town.

Justin Bieber has had a lot of hate thrown at him, he’s been criticized a hell of a lot, and has been booed way to many times…

Personally, I think he’s amazing and I admire him a lot.

Yeh, he’s big headed (wouldn’t you be if you had a body like his, loads of hit songs, known worldwide and as much money as him?) but at the end of the day he’s kind of got a Kardashian effect on the world: love/hate relationship and you know about nearly every single move the CK boxer model takes.

Well, he was on english funny man James Corden’s show a few days back and the video footage of James and Bieber driving around town is fantastic. They sing, dance, swap clothes and talk about – sex – while driving around… James’ english humor is just perfect, the way he says stuff, his random chit chat and coolness just makes you want to listen to him ramble on for hours….


I had NO idea Justin could do a Rubik’s cube in 2 minutes, he ain’t just a pretty face! 😉

Bieber bit into a chip after completing the Rubik’s cube challenge and this song came to my mind as he nibbled on what looks like a Maccy D or BK chip: Cold As Ice

Have a look at the full car interview here!