The sexiest song I’ve heard in a while!

Not much is better than discovering that perfect song to describe how you feel at a particular moment… Thanks to the lovely Brit/American duo The Kills, I can.

The Kills is formed by American singer Alison Mosshart and British guitarist, Jamie Hince.

On June 3rd the indie rock band will release their fifth album called Ash & Ice.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting them, about 4 years ago, and I’ve seen them perform 3 times in Mexico City.

Doing it to Death is the name of the song and it’s sexy as hell.

I could go on and on thinking where, who, what I’d be wearing, what I’d be doing exactly whilst listening to this song… But that’s for me to know!

I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

Every Other Freckle, alt-J’s latest release!

alt-J is a english indie/experimental rock band from Leeds, England (a city very close to my hometown, Manchester) that was formed back in 2007.
They have one studio album, An Awesome Wave which came out in 2012 and has songs like Breezeblocks, Ripe and Ruin, Fitzpleasure, Matilda, Taro, Tessellate and more!
I remember listening to Tessellate for the first time and thinking “Wooooaaaah” (have a listen to it and you’ll understand exactly what I mean!), plus, the video is very stylish and sophisticated.

I got the opportunity to see the boys perform live a few months ago and they were staggering! Their music has a very cool twang to it, makes you want to let go, shake it up, lose yourself.

They just released their latest single Every Other Freckle and you can have a listen to it here! It will be on their album This Is All Yours which will come out this September!

I must say, this band is definitely in my tops at the moment and have been for a while now!