I met Dave Matthews and Steffan in Mexico City!!!

WARNING: This is going to be a long, emotional, deep post.

Music is one of the most important worldly goods in my life.

Music has gotten me through so much. Good and bad, heartbreaks, love, hope, faith, disappointments, happiness, fear, indignation, anger, friendships, respect, appreciation, confusion, and the list goes on.

I mention all this because this weekend I got the opportunity to see Dave Matthews Band perform for the first time ever in Mexico City at Vive Latino festival and at El Plaza (small venue that holds 1,600 people – petit comité).

Photo taken by me at El Plaza, Mexico City

Ahead is the story of me, and Dave Matthews Band – no, not literally with the band, but how I discovered them, and the story that goes with what DMB represents in my life.

A few years back I met a guy, I thought he was the one, you know, when you feel that connection? Well, that’s what I thought with that guy from day 1.

Anyway, we started hanging out, talking and all that and he was totally obsessed with DMB. I had no idea who they were, but once I discovered them, I fell madly in love with them too.

I’m the kind of girl that puts a song, playlist, musician, concert or anything affiliated with music to a moment and/or person and Dave Matthews Band was HIM.

All was good while it was going smoothly………….. Until the day he broke my heart (which at the time screwed me over big time, but today I am SO grateful for what he did because I realized I didn’t nor do I want a person like that to be my partner.) – Goes to say, he’s a great guy and what happened, happened, no hard feelings.

One of my fave quotes is: “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” – Notting Hill

My all time fave Dave songs are:
Crash Into Me
Where Are You Going
Stay (Wasting Time)
So Much To Say
One Sweet World
Dancing Nancies
When The World Ends
Stolen Away On 55t & 3rd
Lover Lay Down
American Baby
Say Goodbye
and my new favourite to the list is Bartender.

So, at the festival on Sunday night the setlist was the following:
Don’t Drink The Water
Belly Belly Nice
Save Me
So Much To Say
Anyone Seen The Bridge
Too Much
You and Me
Jimi Thing
Ants Marching
Grey Street

and on Monday at El Plaza:
One Sweet World
What Would You Say
When The World Ends
The Space Between
Belly Belly Nice
If Only
You Might Die Trying
Shake Me Like A Monkey
Crash Into Me
Don’t Drink The Water
Typical Situation
Pantala Naga Pampa
Little Red Bird
All Along The Watchtower

Boyd & Tim, Dave Matthews Band. Taken by me at Vive Latino 2015 Mexico City

Ever heard of the saying, Everything happens for a reason?

Well, I now have many stories that remind me of the band from Charlottesville, Virginia.

I met the band through a guy that broke my heart, and met another guy thanks to the band recently.

So, my story isn’t that bad at all, it’s all about the way you look at things.

Life is all about moments, “best moments happen when they’re unplanned.” – couldn’t agree more with that quote.

We shouldn’t take life so serious…. No one gets out of it alive. So live, take risks, be careful though, don’t do stupid things… Get you heart broken, cry for days on end, laugh so much you get a stomach ache, meet people, sit back and enjoy.

So to wrap the story up, DMB was him and now it is a beautiful, very exciting story, that has involved many emotions, incredible memories and a story that is just beginning….

At this very moment I’m in this mood, so here’s Oh by Dave and Tim Reynolds for you!

The only time the word OK is accepted in my life is in the song Oh:

The world is blowing up
The world is caving in
The world has lost her way again
But you are here with me
But you are here with me
Makes it ok

Forgot to mention, I met Dave and Steffan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!