My favourite NEW songs by 13 artists

So much is going on in the world – always, I know… But lately I feel that it’s affected me in a personal way.

I’m a sensitive one… And I get caught up with what’s going on quite a lot, but these past few weeks, for me at least, loads has gone on… In the world, and in my personal life.

People I’ve met, things I’ve seen, heard and read, what I’ve done and on that matter, not done… And the list goes on… And that’s why I hadn’t written…

But I’m here, and what matters (in my opinion) is quality, and that’t the point of every single post I write.

So… I’d like to write up and share with you all some new music.

1) On May 5th, the Red Hot Chili Peppers released Dark Necessities.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The song will be on their upcoming album The Getaway out on June 17th!

Personally, I LOVED this tune! It’s delicious!

2) Louisa Rose Allen AKA Foxes is a 27 year old singer and songwriter from London. All I Need is the name of Foxes second studio album, and the song Cruel is on it.


I’m a big fan of this lady from the U.K!

3) Justin Timberlake has done it again! Since his first solo album, I knew this guy had that special spark… And well after three years, JT is back with this perfect dance tune.

Justin Timberlake

The name of his latest piece of art is Can’t Stop The Feeling.

4) Radiohead is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favourite bands.


I got the chance to listen to the album called A Moon Shaped Pool on Sunday on the radio (you can hear and download it online) and it’s sensational. PERFECT. I mean, it blew me away, but the english band never seem to let me down!

Burn The Witch


5) Since Songs in A Minor I knew she was one of mine…

I’m talking about Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys

Alicia’s last album came out in 2012 and her sound has changed quite a lot. It’s different, but it’s mesmerising and unique!

I hope you enjoy her latest single In Common as much as I do!

6) On My Own is the name of Jake Bugg‘s third album – out in June!

Jake Bugg

Love, Hope and Misery is the name of the 22 year old’s latest tune.

7) 28 year old Mike Posner from Detroit is full of surprises. He’s a songwriter, singer, rapper and record producer – he co-wrote Sugar by Maroon 5, Boyfriend by Bieber, and has worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg, Avicii, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell Williams and many more!

Mike Posner

The song is called Buried in Detroit ft. Big Sean and it’s ACE!

8) Those that read my stuff every now and then will know that I’m a big R&B and Hip Hop fan…

Kehlani is a 21 year old American singer-songwriter and since l first heard her stuff (FWU came out in November 2014!), I was really into her vibe.


Her latest track is called 24/7 and it’s fab!

9) Indie Pop dup, Tegan and Sara will release their eighth studio album called Love You to Death in June.

Tegan and Sara

100x is the second song that’s been released that will be on the 10 track album.

10) Another homeboy of mine, James Blake released his latest album The Colour in Anything on May 6th!

James Blake

I’ve only heard 2 songs so far, but I fell in love with this song in particular.

I Need a Forest Fire

11) Goo Goo Dolls are back!

Goo Goo Dolls

Anyone and EVERYONE has heard Iris, and still to this day, I LOVE IT!

Boxes is the name of their latest album and it’s so 90’s. Blast from the past, that’s for sure!

Check out the two following songs featured on Boxes, here!



12) White Lung is a Punk Rock band from Canada. They are fantastic!

White Lung

Check out one of their latest tunes, Below, here!

13) To finish this list I put together, we’ve got Australian singer-songwriter Ry X.

Ry X released his second studio album Dawn a few days ago.

Ry X

Deliverance is the name of the song I’d like to share with you (featured on Dawn). It’s stunning, from beginning to end!!!

A person who wants you vs. A person who needs you

I came across this last night and had to share it with you all…

The title of the post is exactly what you’ll read ahead – PLUS, I added a lovely playlist at the end of it which you MUST listen to!

Never settle ladies and gentleman.

A person who wants you…

Only gives you attention when it’s convenient. If this person is in the mood to see and to interact with you, if this person wants or needs that interaction, then this person will give you attention.

Otherwise, if this person isn’t in the mood to talk to you, to help you, to spend time with you, to be there for you, he or she will simply be unavailable – until, of course, it’s convenient to be there.

A person who needs you…

Is there for you because being there for you is something this person needs to do. This person needs to keep you safe and happy. This person needs you to enjoy life so that he or she, in turn, can enjoy life.

Regardless of whether it’s convenient or not, this person will be there for you. This person will do anything to avoid losing you, even if it means sucking it up from time to time and doing the little things he or she isn’t especially excited to do.

A person who wants you…

Will keep the conversations to a minimum. This person puts up with you because you serve a purpose.

This person understands that this means he or she will have to talk to you in order for you to feel comfortable enough to allow him or her to use you, but if this person could have it his or her way, conversations would be avoided altogether. This person doesn’t care what you have to say because this person doesn’t really care about you.

A person who needs you…

Will do anything to keep you. This is the type of person who is always interested to hear what you have to say. This person wants to know about your day, to know what you did, what you ate, whom you interacted with.

This person wants to know every little bit about you because he or she is still trying to figure out why it is that he or she needs you so much.

This person knows he or she couldn’t bear living without you, but this person can’t exactly pinpoint the reason why.

This person is in love with you because this person is in love with you, and although that’s enough of an explanation, this person still wants to figure you out.

A person who wants you…

Never makes long-term plans with you and avoids talking about your future. This person doesn’t want to plan any trips for next month — hell, he or she may not even want to plan dinner for next week.

This person doesn’t want to promise that he or she will see you again because it may never happen.

Every time this person leaves you, there’s a good chance it will be for the last time. You never know… maybe this person will find something better, or simply newer, later this week.

A person who needs you…

Has no problems planning trips or discussing your relationship. This person may not be able to promise you forever, but at the moment, he or she sees no reason not to.

During conversation, this person will mention things that you need to do together, that you need to see and experience together.

This person will talk as if the two of you were the same person, living life side by side. When a person needs you — really needs you — that person sees his or her entire future with you in it.

A person who wants you…

Will never love you. If you pay close attention and remain as objective as possible, you can tell how much a person cares about you.

It can be difficult to distance ourselves in such a way when we believe ourselves to be falling in love, but it must be done if you wish to avoid wasting your time and getting your heart broken.

If this person looks at you and smiles and you can tell he or she isn’t just looking at you, but looking into you, then you may have a keeper on your hands.

A person who needs you…

Either loves you or will soon accept that he or she loves you. A person who only wants you will never love you. It can be difficult for people to admit to themselves that they love other people — forget about admitting it to them. It takes some people significantly more time than others.

However, just because people can’t admit it — to you or themselves — that they love you doesn’t mean they will never admit that they love you. You have to be patient with people.

via Elite Daily

I put together a little playlist, it’s got a bit of everything… Obviously everything to do with love, whether it’s love make, love take or love break.

Savage Garden – I Want You

The Manhattans – Kiss and Say Goodbye

Luther Ingram – If Lovin You Is Wrong I Don’t Wanna Be Right

Cheap Trick – I Want You To Want Me

Garbage – #1 Crush

The Smiths – I Wan’t The One I Can’t Have (performed by Morrissey)

3 Doors Down – Here Without You

And one of my faves:

Goo Goo Dolls – Iris