Pete Doherty releases video for tribute song to Amy Winehouse

Pete Doherty recently released the video for Flags of the Old Regime.

The song was written as a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse and all proceeds from the single will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation (a charity which works to discourage drug abuse in young people).

Pete and Amy had a fling or whatever you want to call it for a while back in 2008. Both were known for being into drugs and the party scene.
(Pete also dated supermodel Kate Moss for a while too!)

The video is in black and white and was filmed in Thailand where Pete was in rehab. – I recently read up on Pete, and everything seems to be going well. He’s still in Thailand and The Libertines went over and recorded their upcoming album there a few months back.

Well, Pete Doherty is also in the band The Libertines, and that’s where the song was originally released, well, on The Libs Facebook page with the following message: “really great that Peter is doing this for such a worthy cause… love, life and music helps us grow and keeps us happy. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Please buy the single when it’s available! Carl, John and Gary x”

Amazing how Pete has the support of his band and friends behind him. I’m very proud of you too, Pete!

Have a listen and look at the video here.