Check out Sara Bareilles cover a Coldplay classic, here!

The majority of music websites, magazines and humans are all talking about the halftime act on the Super Bowl.

I am not.

I’d like to share this absolutely beautiful cover Sara Bareilles did of Coldplay’s Yellow.

Sara Bareilles

I’m a big fan of Coldplay and their music (not so much the new stuff, but they marked my life and I’m very grateful for their music and existence!).


Enjoy and as Homer said: “Love, Marge. Don’t Hate… Love.”

Remember that song by Britney Spears called Toxic?

Remember that song by Britney Spears called Toxic?

Well, believe it or not, it came out over 10 years ago! It came out in 2004!

I’m sure a hell of a lot of you remember the video… Britney Spears in her prime years, wearing a racy blue stewardess outfit, red hair and a black latex catsuit and a transparent outfit with rhine stones, yes, after that explanation, you have to know what video I’m talking about! (And if not, here it is below).

Random fact: Toxic is Britney’s most expensive video to date, it cost $1 million dollars!!! (Back in 2004).

What I want to get to in this post is that whilst surfing the web (I love that expression, and even though it’s a saying from the early 2000’s, I will use it forever.) I came across a gem.

A cover of Toxic.

Yael Naim is an Israeli singer-songwriter born in Paris and is 37 years old.

(I’m sure you’ll recognise her voice, or at least her song New Soul which was released in 2007.)

Yael did a cover of Spear’s Toxic and it’s AMAZING!

Very different to the original version and the word which describes it best (in my opinion) would be SENSUAL.

Have a listen to it here and let me know what you think.

The Man Who Sold The World covered in many different ways…

The Man Who Sold The World is one of the hundreds of hits by David Bowie.

It’s the title track of Bowie’s third album and was released in the U.S in November 1970 and in the U.K in April 1971.

The song was covered by a few artists including; Lulu (who had a U.K No. 3 hit with her 1974 version), Midge Ure in 1982 and Nirvana in 1993 on MTV Unplugged.

I’ve been listening to Bowie a lot recently and spoke about Nirvana with a cab driver a few weeks ago – coincidence or fate, I don’t know – put one and one together and you get this gem and I wanted to share it with you all.

Have a look and listen to David Bowie perform The Man Who Sold The World Live at the Beeb back in 2000 and Nirvana’s cover on MTV Unplugged, below.


Ellie covers Hozier’s hit song

As if we didn’t love Take Me To Church enough, my homegal, Ellie Goulding did a cover of Hozier‘s fantabulous song.

The cover she did is SO Ellie, if you get me… You know, her synthpop signature is in it. Basically, Ellie totally rocked out Hozier’s hit!

Have a listen to it here!

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds will never be the same again…

The Flaming Lips, Miley Cyrus and Moby got together and did a cover of The Beatles “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”.

The original song by the Liverpudlian quartet came out in 1967 and was written by John Lennon. There was (and still is) a lot of controversy regarding what the initials of the song actually mean (LSD). Lennon denied that the song referred to the psychedelic drug and said that his son, Julian, inspired the song with a nursery school drawing he called “Lucy – in the sky with diamonds”. – Having a dad as free spirited, artistic, and creative as John, to be honest, I can believe that Julian did actually draw something and named it that…

The song Miley, Moby and The Flaming Lips covered lasts five minutes and twenty four seconds (yes, it took you forever to read how long the song lasts, and that’s exactly how long the video and song lasted for me, an eternity…)
The three artists that collaborated on this song are without doubt very talented people, but I personally disliked the video a lot, I think the chorus is WAY to saturated, it actually makes me heave… I understand that they wanted to do their own version of the song, and that’s great, but I think Santa Claus, a jelly brain, Miley swearing, the screen shot pic that’s at the top of this post and other stuff is way too much. The Beatles are and were a very funky band, naturally, this is just too much for my liking.

Have a look and listen to the trios cover, and please, let me know what you think!