The BEST playlist for this Friday!

I put together a little playlist for you as it’s Friday!

Darius – Hot Hands

Breakbot ft. Irfane – Baby I’m Yours

AlunaGeorge – Best Be Believing (Shadow Child Remix)

Philip George – Wish You Were Mine

The Chemical Brothers – Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

Disclosure ft. Sasha Keable – Voices

Tchami ft. Kaleem Taylor – Promesses

Felix Jaehn ft. Jasmine Thompson – Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)

The Writers Block – Don’t Look Any Further

Super Mario + Violin mashup

I came across this video that I actually discovered a while ago, but wanted to share it with you all.

I’m not a big fan of video games, but when I was a kid, I loveeeeed playing Mario Kart and Super Mario.

(Kids born before 1990 know what I’m talking about, those born after, will probably know cause of older brothers/sisters, cousins, or because it’s considered an antique or vintage item which eventually ends up being a hipster trend).

Personally, I think Nintendo 64 was and is the best video game console to exist.

This guy plays the violin to that annoying song that still to this day, remains tattooed in our brains.

As I have the whole Super Mario soundtrack on loop in my head now, I’d love it if you guys had it on loop too.


Time to break down your barricades and follow your own heart now…

Being a 20 something year old girl, (27 to be exact) social, fun, weird, intense, emotional, single and a totally HONEST, to the point and direct gal has helped me in a lot of ways…. Minus one.

1) Family: I am extremely grateful for the Dad and sisters I got blessed with!!! – Yes, we have our ups and down, differences, we’re human and have our own ways of thinking and being, but I think as long as everyones respects everyone, we can all Float On.
Without you 3, I don’t know where I’d be <3

2) Friends: Thanks to all those in my life, whether you’re still a part of it or not, well, such is life, hold on to the good ones, never give up and recognize the honest, loving and good people.

3) Work: I do what I love!!! You know how satisfying that is?!! Well, it’s incredible!!! I’m not going to make out that it’s a piece of cake, I’m struggling, and would like to basically be the next Fearne Cotton, but whatever… Hahahaha! As Bobby Womack sang, When There’s A Will There’s A Way!

4) Men: –

I’m sure you noticed that number 4 is blank…. You know why? Well… It’s because even though guys say girls are crazy and complicated and don’t say things up front… Well, yes, I am a girl and I’m a tad crazy, but I am VERY direct. I say what’s on my mind, I don’t do the whole drama ritual of not answering the phone for a few hours or even days, block or delete a guy – that’s SO 90’s – or any of that if a guy does something I don’t agree with… I actually confront him… and guess where that has gotten me?! ABSOLUTELY nowhere.

So, after all the years playing on the field, from rounders, football to american football, I have come to a conclusion. Ready?

Do whatever the hell YOU (not your mate Sally, or cousin Laura who married the most perfect guy and can give you the “best” piece of advice) want to do, for when you meet THE ONE, you will know and he will accept you EXACTLY how YOU are.

Same goes for you accepting him… No one is perfect, including yourself, you have to recognize that, and there will be things you don’t looooove about your partner. That’s where the famous term “agree to disagree” comes into the picture. – THAT DOES NOT MEAN SETTLE – but, if he is a guy you love hanging out with, have fun, supports you, loves you, admires you – if he didn’t take out the rubbish and/or dry the dishes – which I think is absolutely ridiculous as they dry alone when you put them on the drying rack – have a go at him, but not as if you caught the guy cheating on you with your best friend! Relax, get your point across and then have fun! Life’s too short.

Your mum, dad, sister, brother, friend, colleague, pet dog, fish or therapist is not the person that will wake up everyday (however long the relationship lasts – yes, I do believe in true love and of the term FOREVER, for those wondering) next to this person, but you… So just do whatever makes you happy.

Don’t go over the What’s? If? Why? How? When? Those questions can mess you up big time… Sometimes an hour, sometimes a week, sometimes a lifetime, but just remember, as long as you were you and did everything that was in you, It’s not your fault.

Friday. My second favourite F word. Playlist!

Whilst some are celebrating the weekend in style, others are still at the office… But it’s Friday and I’m in a smashing mood, so I decided to put together a little playlist for y’all!

This is (in my humble opinion) the BEST playlist I’ve done so far. There’s a lot of new music and oldies but goodies too!

Have a good one, and remember, don’t drink and drive, think before you act, and have fun…. You only live once.

MGMT – Electric Feel

The Neighbourhood ft. G-Eazy – When I Get Back

Twenty One Pilots – Car Radio

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work

m83 – Reunion

Metronomy – Heartbreaker

Spoon – The Underdog

Blackbear – idfc

Milky Chance – Flashed Junk Mind

Factuel – Stranger

Anna of the North – Sway

WEKEED – Wild Child

Ed Sheeran launches record label called Gingerbread

English singer-songwriter and musician, Ed Sheeran has been on the radar since early 2011 when he released an independent extended play which caught the attention of Elton John and Jamie Foxx.

Since rising to fame he’s released 2 studio albums, won 2 Brit Awards in 2012, appeared on Taylor Swift‘s album Red, sang The A Team with Elton John at the Grammy’s in 2013, sold out 3 shows at Madison Square Garden, his album x won the Brit Award for British Album of the Year this year and a hell of a lot more.

Well, Ed has one more thing to add to his list, he just launched his record label and the name of it is just perfect; Gingerbread.

Jamie Lawson¬†is the labels first singing.¬†Ed said the following¬†“I’m going to focus on this when I’m on tour next year. Hopefully the acts will be up and running by the time I take time off.”

The Thinking Out Loud singer said he decided to back new acts after he discovered British folk rock band Passenger (which btw released their latest song and video Travelling Alone just yesterday!).

Wishing the Gingerbread man all the best with his label and I’m sure we’ll discover a lot of talented artists very soon!

Ed Sheeran – Don’t

Watch Major Lazer’s teaser for Lean On, it’s worth it!

Ever seen Major Lazer in concert or seen a live video of his performance???
If you haven’t you MUST, and if you have, you’ll probs agree with me when I say it’s quite something!

Thomas Pentz AKA Diplo AKA Major Lazer was born back in 1978 (meaning he’s 36), in Mississippi – damn, that’s quite a word to spell out! – and currently lives in the City of Angels. He’s worked with artists such as M.I.A, No Doubt, Usher, Beyonc√© and more.

Diplo has a side project apart from Major Lazer called Jack Ü alongside Skrillex which is fantastic!

But the whole point of this post is that I’d like to share something Major Lazer released a few weeks ago… It’s his latest song called Lean On on which he worked with DJ Snake and¬†M√ė.

The video was released with the caption Official Lyric Video, and just yesterday the teaser for the official video was released and it’s GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

Have a look at both the videos below! (Even though the first one is the lyric video, it’s got a lot of production to it and it’s def worth watching!)

Teaser for Lean On official video

Tame Impala release first song off third studio album

Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala have been active since 2007 but rose to fame in 2010 with their first studio album Innerspeaker.

Innerspeaker has songs such as Alter Ego, I Don’t Really Mind, and my fave Tame track,¬†Solitude is Bliss.

F.Y.I: The band name is a reference to the impala, a medium size antelope.

I’ve seen the guys perform twice, Lollapalooza 2012 in Chicago and in Mexico City and both times I was on my tip toes with excitement.

Their music is funky, exciting and free, and their audiovisuals, phwoar… Another level!

Well they released their latest single Let It Happen last week and it’s just perfect.

Here’s a taste of Tame Impala’s third studio album (which is yet to be titled) below!

Latest discovery: Vox Mod

Scot Porter is Vox Mod; an electronic music project from Seattle.

Isn’t it amazing when you discover new music? Well, for me it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

I was searching for info on Vox Mod and found a few reviews on him, and I’m not going to copy + paste anything, so what I can tell you from what I’ve heard is that his music plays with your mind, gets you thinking, transports you to a very relaxing, happy place.

I hope you enjoy his work, and please let me know what you think!

Vox Mod & RA Scion ft. Daniel Blue – Fixed

OK Go release I Won’t Let You Down with a fantastic video

OK Go is an alternative rock band from Chicago and is now based in LA.

They’ve been on the radar since 1998 but became massive in 2007 when they brought out Here It Goes Again, remember that video? Guys dancing on running machines? It’s an extremely creative video and the boys are well known for exactly that in their music videos.

OK Go released their latest single I Won’t Let You Down yesterday and the music video for the song if FANTASTIC!

Have a listen and look at the video here!