Part 1 of… I don’t know how many posts this is going to take me.

It’s been a while since I last wrote… A few days, weeks, months… I’ve been out of it.

My emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, took a hold on me.

I have no idea how many people read this, what country you are in, where you are, what you’re doing, what you’re feeling at this very moment, but what I do know, is what I’m feeling at this very moment and I’d like to share a piece of me with you today.

This year has been intense. I’d sum it up as a huge, massive, wake up call. That’s how I feel and perceive the energy at this very moment. Today, Friday 30th December at 12:12pm whilst I’m sat on my brown sofa at my place whilst listening to The Verve.

I’ve got this weird feeling. Goosebumps, I’m sweating but my hands are freezing cold and my body is telling me something… I’m breathing in and out heavily… I’ve got so much to write and stuff I want to share and express, I don’t even know where (I got interrupted exactly here with a phone call I had to answer) to begin.

I remember once telling a friend, a dear friend, who I don’t speak to much anymore, a boy, a friend, that well, we parted ways due to life, but I remember telling him I wanted to write a book, but hadn’t started writing because I didn’t know where to begin… which he answered “just write, there’s no specific place, or way to begin something, just do it” – so I’ll take his advice to start now… Wow… I’m laughing and crying at this very moment (Sonnet is playing in the background)…

Breathe in… Breathe out.

I can’t remember much of this year, I’ve stored a lot of memories, emotions and feelings in different boxes in my head, but I want to begin with the following…

On April 24th 2016 I went to a festival here in Mexico City called Vive Latino. I was working so I didn’t see many bands play, I saw a song or two of a few artists, but I did get the chance to see a band play from beginning to end… That band was The Prodigy.

– I had to take a deep breath after writing that last paragraph –

So, I saw The Prodigy for the first time, live, on Sunday 24th April 2016.

I would say that every single day my life changes, I learn something, feel something new, experiment, and so on… but that Sunday will remain within me FOREVER.

I don’t even know what to write regarding what I saw and felt that day, but what I can say, is that my life changed drastically whilst experiencing and witnessing The Prodigy perform that Sunday…

I was totally sober… I had half a beer since I arrived at the festival (1:oopm) until the time I saw The Prodigy.

What I’m trying to say is… that what I felt and saw was completely real, Nicole experienced the whole situation being Nicole.


After that… I couldn’t sleep properly.

The Prodigy
The Prodigy

I thought that writing all this out would be a lot easier than what it’s actually turning out to be…

I’m going to take a break and I’ll be back in a little while.

Today I’m losing my Rolling Stones virginity!

Today I lose my Rolling Stones VIRGINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rolling Stones will be playing today and on Thursday in Mexico City!

It’s not the first time they’ve played in this wonderful City, but it is the first time I’ll see them play LIVE!

I’m lucky enough to be going for work and you can read an article I’ll be writing for an american magazine, tomorrow or on Wednesday.

I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you later, Mick, Ronnie, Keith and Charlie!


Sympathy for the Devil

Reseña de la tocada de Torreblanca ayer en Pata Negra.

Ayer, fui a la última tocada de Torreblanca en el D.F del 2015.

Torreblanca, 15 Diciembre 2015, Pata Negra.
Torreblanca, 15 Diciembre 2015, Pata Negra.

La tocada fue en Pata Nega – que por cierto, es un excelente venue y el chavo de seguridad (adentro, arriba) se porto un tipazo conmigo (no se como se llama, pero trabaja con Guerra de Chistes o algo así?!) Saludos!

No había visto a Torreblanca tocar en como dos años (desde que tocaron en un lugar precioso en el Centro de la Ciudad para ser exacta).

Conocí a todos hace como 4 años un día out of the blue, y desde que los vi, sentí una vibra increíble.

No me voy a meter demasiado en el tema de como, cuando y donde nos conocimos, pero lo que si quiero comentar es que son una banda super unida, dedicada, talentosa y apasionada.

Amistad o como se llame por aparte, siempre me gusto la banda, su música, letras, onda, y uniqueness!

Torreblanca tiene un EP (Defensa, 2010), y dos discos (Bella Época, 2011 y El Polvo en la Luz, 2014).

He tenido la oportunidad de escuchar todos los discos, pero Bella Época es mi favorito. Muchos recuerdos, sentimientos, literal, fue una Bella Época.

Tocaron canciones como Las Horas, Dejé de Ser Yo, Si, Roma, Hubo Valor, Defensa y varias más, hasta el cover que le hicieron a ¿Y qué? en el disco tributo a José José.

Juan Manuel invito a varios fans del público a subirse a cantar junto con el, mientras cantaban con la banda, tomaron video y fotos del momento, uno dio speech a su novia, y otro le pidió a las chavas que trabajan ahí que se acercaran mas porque se tuvo que salir del slam para ir por una chela.

Al final de la tocada, la banda se bajo y tomaron fotos con fans y platicaban con todos, bailaron un rato y se fueron.

Fue una noche muy bonito, excelente manera de cerrar este 2015.

Saludos a Alejandro y Fernando, los chavos que me salvaron de la selva que se volvió el lugar después de la tocada!

F.Y.I, tendrán un concierto en el Lunario en Febrero, no se lo pierdan!

Va mi canción favorita de la banda, Defensa.

Mi segunda canción favorita de Torreblanca; Nada Me Saca de la Cama con Ximena Sariñana.

Primus cover Tool’s Ænema at their gig last Saturday

Primus performed at Chicago’s Concord Music Hall on Saturday night as a part of their tour.

As Tim Alexander (drummer of the band since it started back in 84′) is recovering from heart surgery, Tool’s Danny Carey has been filling his space – due to that, the Primus guys plus Danny came up with something very special for their fans on Saturday; a cover of Tool’s Ænema!

Tim will be back with Primus this October for their Willy the Wonka themed tour.

Have a look at the video here, and see how the crowd respond to the cover Primus do!

Concord Music Hall Setlist:
Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
Here Come the Bastards
Last Salmon Man
Southbound Pachyderm
Over the Falls
Jilly’s On Smack (Drum solo)
Ænema (Tool cover)
To Defy the Laws of Tradition
American Life
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
My Name is Mud
Harold of the Rocks
Too Many Puppies