I didn’t think I could love Chris Martin more… And then I saw this!

I Love Chris Martin and thought I couldn’t love him much more…

But then I saw Carpool Karaoke with  James Corden and Chris Martin and phwoaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!

It was filmed a tad before the Super Bowl and both James and Chris sing my favourite Bowie tune, Heroes!

Not only that, but they pick up lemonade from some kids selling drinks on the street, sing Yellow, have a kip together and much more.

Have a look at the boys sing, laugh and talk about random stuff, here!

Check out Sara Bareilles cover a Coldplay classic, here!

The majority of music websites, magazines and humans are all talking about the halftime act on the Super Bowl.

I am not.

I’d like to share this absolutely beautiful cover Sara Bareilles did of Coldplay’s Yellow.

Sara Bareilles

I’m a big fan of Coldplay and their music (not so much the new stuff, but they marked my life and I’m very grateful for their music and existence!).


Enjoy and as Homer said: “Love, Marge. Don’t Hate… Love.”

Coldplay and Game of Thrones cast make (beautiful) music together for Red Nose Day

I came across this the other day and thought all those Game of Throne fans or/and Coldplay fans would LOVE and appreciate the following documentary style video.

Chris Martin and the rest of Coldplay are huge GoT fans – like the majority of England, Mexico, and basically, everyone I know – so the talented musicians decided to to create a Game of Thrones musical in honor of Red Nose Day (obviously alongside the beautiful cast of GoT).

You’ll see the cast eat chips, sing out of tune, banter around and rehearse lines in the following video.

NOTE: The narrator is Liam Neeson, I mean, I don’t need to say much more than that….