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Last year, Grimes (one of my fave female solo artists) released her 4th studio album, Art Angels.

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Art Angels

The Canadian lass recorded the album in its entirety at her home in L.A after realizing it was too much pressure renting and paying out a studio per hour.

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Claire Boucher AKA Grimes

I’m a huge fan of this album in particular and I’ve watched every video of hers, but, yesterday Claire Boucher (AKA Grimes) released something VERY special.

Got a little over 38 minutes to spare? If not, make time, it’s worth it!

Nature, art, architecture and freedom has never looked so fine.

Check out Grimes’ latest song and video, here!

Grimes released the video for another song off her fourth album (Art Angels), Kill V. Maim yesterday.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 12.58.40 AM
The album was released back in November digitally and in physical formats in December.

Since the first time I heard Grimes I felt something very special and I admire Claire’s (AKA Grimes) work a hell of a lot. It’s so fun, unique and mind travelling.

As always, Grimes’ videos are very interesting and entertaining; have a listen and look at Kill V. Maim, here!