Take the time to Waste a Moment with the Kings of Leon

A few hours ago, the very talented (and fit) 4 piece rock band Kings of Leon released their latest tune Waste a Moment.

kingsofleon wasteamoment newmusic newalbum walls usa music
Cover art for Waste a Moment

Waste a Moment is the first single off their upcoming album WALLS (out on the 14 October).

Random fact that I had no idea about until TODAY: Caleb, Nathan and Jared are brothers, Matthew is their cousin.

kingsofleon caleb jared nathan matthew band music musica musicians
Kings of Leon

As always, the boys nailed it to a T. Both the song and video are ace.

Have a listen and look at Waste a Moment, here!

Reseña de la tocada de Vaya Futuro en el Pata Negra

El martes tuve la oportunidad de ver a Vaya Futuro tocar en el Pata Negra.


Los chavos de Tijuana vinieron a vivir a la Ciudad de México hace un año.

Ya había escuchado de ellos desde hace tiempo pero nunca habíamos coincidido…

Justo el martes vi que Arturo de Yokozuna (Saludos 🙂 y sigue en pie nuestra comida del miércoles!) puso que iba a ir y la banda me contestó un mensaje que había escrito hace semanas que tocaban ese día en el Pata Negra. Those who probably read my stuff often, know I’m a believer of signs and coincidences and all that, so this was all of that and more, so I went!

Tocaron casi dos horas y tocaron canciones del primer y segundo disco (LOS QUIERO EN VINYL!).

El público bailaba y cantaba con ellos, La vibra estaba increíble y todos lo pasamos bomba!

Hubo una canción (se llama Manos), que tenía mucha onda… Me recordó mucho a Heroes y Under Pressure, me fascinó!


Les recomiendo muchísimo que escuchen a Vaya Futuro, you won’t regret it!

Vaya Futuro – Libélula

Interview with Marc from FIVES

Fives is a band from Baltimore, Maryland that got together in 2009. I discovered them a few days ago after posting something on Instagram and getting a message from Marc (vocalist of the band) on the picture I posted.

I had a listen to their stuff and well… LOVED IT!

I messaged Marc asking if I could interview him/the band, and well, here’s it goes!


1) Nicole: So, I came across you guys after you (Marc) wrote a comment on one of my Instagram pictures that was a photo with the following sentence:

“Give me one song, one song only that means a lot to you, I will listen to it, then I will know you much better” – which to you wrote back: “You Go On by.. Well us. ;)”

I listened to it and well, here I am, writing to you!

Can you tell me a bit about the band, FIVES?

Marc: Sure! First I just wanted to thank you talking with me and for giving us the chance to reach your audience.

Our music is quite eclectic actually, but we describe ourselves as an acoustic rock/indie pop band. Each member of the band has a pretty different background in music and I think it has really helped us come up with a sound that’s current, yet distinguishable from everyone else. We’re from Baltimore, Maryland and have been together in some form or another for six years now. We’re currently in the studio working on a new EP and so far it’s pretty exciting.


2) Nicole: I read that the band was formed back in 2009 by Marc (vocalist) and Matthew (keyboard), but now you’re a 5 piece band, how did that happen, or what did you think was missing and/or necessary for you guys now to be five?

Marc: It’s a bit of a winding, crazy path from when I first met Matt to now, but I’ll do my best to keep it short and sweet. I started a band in college and Matt actually came in and auditioned with us. That band eventually broke up but Matt and I were always on a similar page musically and found our way back together after a few years. We knew that we wanted to put a full band together and we ended up finding some really good musicians to play with.


3) Nicole: Talking about 5, if you were 2 back in 2009, what were you called?

Marc: I know it’s weird but it was actually never only the two of us. We went looking for the best musicians in our area and we were lucky enough to have many of them join our band. It wasn’t too long after Matt and I reconnected that we had a full band again and we’ve been FIVES from then on. As for the name, it really has nothing to do with the number of guys in the band. It was a very democratic process actually. We each put a few names in a hat, picked out one each, and then picked one from the remaining options. We got lucky with the name FIVES though. You could be doing an interview with a band called Mourning Would.


4) Nicole: How has your perception of music and what you want to express changed over the years?

Marc: That’s a really good question. Our goal has always been to get our music in front of as many people as possible. It’s important to keep up with how music is evolving but it’s just as important to remember where you came from and why you became a band in the first place. If you listen to some of our older recordings, those were songs I wrote back in 2003-2007. I think they’re great songs and we still play a lot of them live, but we had to be willing to grow musically and experiment with new ideas. It’s been both nerve-racking and rewarding at the same time. As for what we want to express, that hasn’t changed. We strive to write songs that make people think about their own experiences. I might write a song based on what happens in my life, but it’s really about relating to the listener and trying to say what they’re thinking…with a pretty melody of course.


5) Nicole: A Brief History is your first EP and it came out in 2010, how would you sum up that album, what’s it about? (I was listening to Spin and I couldn’t not think about one thing: DAVE MATTHEWS BAND! Huge fan, love their music and vibe.)

Marc: A Brief History was a lot of fun to make since we mainly recorded everything live and in one take. We were only together for a few months before we decided to record those songs. We didn’t have a lot of time or money so there are a lot of elements to that record that aren’t perfect, but it did the job we needed it to do which was help us book our first few gigs. A Brief History was what enabled us to stand out on our own and show people that we were different. In some ways it will always be my favorite because you never get a second chance to make your first record, but I think it perfectly captures that period in the band’s history.

A lot of our first songs were written in the early 2000’s. They had that acoustic rock vibe, heavy DMB influence to them. I personally am a big Dave Matthews Band fan and it’s obvious when you listen to some of those older songs. I wrote what became A Brief History before I met anyone in the band, so the early music was heavily influenced by who I was listening to. Matt helped to arrange the songs which added some different elements, but the foundation for the songs came from me and my CD collection. There are a lot more people involved in the songwriting process now which has opened our music to different influences and new ideas.

Marc Cashin (vocalist)
Marc Cashin


6) Nicole: How do you guys work? (Do you write the music first, lyrics, jam together etc?)

Marc: We have kind of tried everything to be honest. Initially, I would write the songs on my acoustic guitar and then play them for Matt. We would adjust a few things and then bring them to the band. We would play around with different ideas and parts until we found something that fit nicely. Lately we’ve been writing a lot more in the studio as a group. We have access to different sounds and equipment in a studio environment and it naturally draws ideas out of you.

With this new EP we’ve generally been writing the music first and putting the songs together in a rough arrangement, sort of getting an idea of how long the verses will be, where should the chorus come in, does it need a bridge, etc. Then I would go into the vocal booth and basically say anything that came into my mind, just trying to come up with a strong melody. Sometimes I got lucky and we actually kept some of my gibberish, but for the most part those initial vocal tracks made no sense. It was important though because having a vocal track, even if I’m literally singing random sounds, can add the appropriate energy to a song and you can hear where syllables feel rushed or if there is too much empty space. This really helps me when it comes time to writing the actual lyrics. I wouldn’t go back and finalize the lyrics until basically everything else was finished. Then I would make the guys wait nervously to see what I would come up with.


7) Nicole: I saw that you guys played at SXSW last year, how was that?

Marc: Ok, this was a crazy trip. First, playing at SXSW was a tremendous honor. There are so many great bands out there and for us to be included in such a prestigious event was amazing. Getting there however was a whole different thing. We left Maryland at 7pm Thursday night. We drove to Huston, TX straight through. It took us, I think 25 hours, but we made it to Texas around 8pm Friday night. We spent the night at our drummer’s aunt’s house in Houston and drove to Austin, TX Saturday afternoon. Our set was scheduled for 8:30pm Saturday night. Of course everything was pushed back a bit so we finished our set around 9:30 or 10pm, drove the two hours back to Houston, and got back on the road at 8am Sunday Morning. We made it back to Maryland at 11am Monday. It was a marathon event but spending that much time in a van with your band can say a lot about what you’re made of.


8) Nicole: I see you guys are working on your next EP, You Go On is actually on it, My Gravity, too! Tell me a bit about your upcoming EP.

Marc: This EP really represents the next step for FIVES. We’re trying different things musically and going about the writing process in a way that’s new as well. There has definitely been a learning curve and we’ve tested each other a bit more than I think we initially expected, but I think it’s good to get beat up a bit when you’re in the creative process. This is really the first time each member has had the chance to put their stamp on things. We’re writing more together, we’re bouncing ideas off of each other, and we’re branching out of what has always been comfortable to us musically. I think we really have some killer songs on this EP and it’s because we’re all willing to grow and develop our music.


9) Nicole: Who are your musical influences? – Annoying question, I know, but I love knowing who musicians influences are so I can point out the similarities. For eg. You guys reminded me a lot of DMB and The Temper Trap!

Marc: Ha, it’s not an annoying question. Look, I wouldn’t be who I am as a songwriter and guitar player if it weren’t for Dave Matthews. That being said, there are so many other great bands that I play on a loop: The Beach Boys (God Only Knows is my favorite song of all time) The Killers, Mumford and Sons, Modest Mouse, John Mayer, Thirty Seconds to Mars… What’s cool is that the other guys have completely different tastes in music. I mean, we overlap on some, but we draw from gospel, 80s pop, the British invasion, jazz standards, you name it. I think that’s what makes this band special. We didn’t set out to be this way, it just works.

FIVES – You Go On


Check out FIVES, and follow the band on their social media sites:

Website: www.fivesband.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/fivesband
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fivesband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/fivesband
Instagram: www.instagram.com/fives_band

Fave Alice in Chains tune

Alice in Chains are a rock band from Seattle. The band got together back in 1987.

The band rose to fame in the early 90’s alongside other Seattle bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

This is one of my fave Alice in Chains songs and I’d like to share it with you all on this gloomy Tuesday in Manchester.

Though I must say, I love being home!!!

Alice in Chains – I Stay Away

This weeks recommendation: Sittin’ Pretty

As I mentioned a few days ago, I collaborate on a radio programme in Mexico City every Saturday from 6pm – 7pm on Reactor 105.7FM called Vigia.

I recommend upcoming/underground bands from the U.K – so please, if you have a band and/or know of someone in a band, let me know!

Sittin' Pretty

Jergas, the radio shows host put on some incredible tunes on Saturday such as Rudimental ft. Mahalia – We The Generation and Glass Animals – Haze.

Saturday 10th October 2015 recommendation: Sittin’ Pretty
– 5-piece blues rock band from Bolton, Greater Manchester, England.
– The bands influences are Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, Black Keys, White Stripes and The Doors.
– Their first EP called 24/7 will be released next month, don’t forget to check it out!
– Song I recommended: Dirty Side
Thanks to George (the bands bassist) for chatting with me and helping me out with info!
All the best guys!

Check out the show below!

Vigía #21: Glass Animals, Denver, Oberhofer, Miqui Brightside by Jergas on Mixcloud

Check out the radio programme I’m on weekly in Mexico City where I recommend upcoming bands from the U.K!

Since the 12th of September, I’ve been collaborating on a radio show alongside Jergas on Reactor 105.7FM in Mexico City.

Weekly I recommend and talk about upcoming/new bands from all over the U.K.

The show is on every Saturday from 6pm till 7pm.

12th September: Aloric – “Who?”

19th September: Greta Isaac – “Oh Babe”

26th September: Rivet City – “Second Hand”

And last weekend, on the 3rd October I recommended Royce Wood Junior with “Clanky Love”

Have a listen to last weeks show below!

P.S. If you have a band in or from the U.K please contact me and send me your music! Let your music go viral!

 Escuchen Vigia y mi recomendación musical de la semana pasada

Desde el 12 de Septiembre colaboro en un programa de radio llamado Vigia en Reactor 105.7FM junto a Jergas.

Cada sábado de 6pm a 7pm recomiendo una banda nueva de Gran Bretaña.

En el programa pasado recomendé a Royce Wood Junior con su canción “Clanky Love” – si Prince y Hot Chip tendrían un hijo, sonaría así!

Dale click abajo y escuchen el programa de la semana pasada, aqui!

VIGÍA #20: Piyama Party, Young Galaxy, Joey Badass, El Último Vecino by Jergas on Mixcloud


Juliette Lewis has quite a voice on her!

Juliette Lewis became a talked about name back in 91′ after being in Martin Scorsese‘s remake of Cape Fear. Over the next few years, she landed roles in films such as From Dusk Till Dawn, Strange Days, Starsky & Hutch, Old School, The Basketball Diaries and more.

Apart from being a phenomenal actress, she’s got quite a voice on her!

She launched a band a few years back called Juliette and the Licks and released 3 CD’s during her time in the band, and in 2009, she went solo and brought out her solo album titled Terra Incognita.

You should never judge a book by it’s cover, and Juliette is a clear example of that saying! Intelligent, versatile, pretty, deep, talented… She’s got the whole packet!

Have a look and listen to Terra Incognita (one of me faves; Anthony Hopkins is featured in the video for a few seconds!)

Time to break down your barricades and follow your own heart now…

Being a 20 something year old girl, (27 to be exact) social, fun, weird, intense, emotional, single and a totally HONEST, to the point and direct gal has helped me in a lot of ways…. Minus one.

1) Family: I am extremely grateful for the Dad and sisters I got blessed with!!! – Yes, we have our ups and down, differences, we’re human and have our own ways of thinking and being, but I think as long as everyones respects everyone, we can all Float On.
Without you 3, I don’t know where I’d be <3

2) Friends: Thanks to all those in my life, whether you’re still a part of it or not, well, such is life, hold on to the good ones, never give up and recognize the honest, loving and good people.

3) Work: I do what I love!!! You know how satisfying that is?!! Well, it’s incredible!!! I’m not going to make out that it’s a piece of cake, I’m struggling, and would like to basically be the next Fearne Cotton, but whatever… Hahahaha! As Bobby Womack sang, When There’s A Will There’s A Way!

4) Men: –

I’m sure you noticed that number 4 is blank…. You know why? Well… It’s because even though guys say girls are crazy and complicated and don’t say things up front… Well, yes, I am a girl and I’m a tad crazy, but I am VERY direct. I say what’s on my mind, I don’t do the whole drama ritual of not answering the phone for a few hours or even days, block or delete a guy – that’s SO 90’s – or any of that if a guy does something I don’t agree with… I actually confront him… and guess where that has gotten me?! ABSOLUTELY nowhere.

So, after all the years playing on the field, from rounders, football to american football, I have come to a conclusion. Ready?

Do whatever the hell YOU (not your mate Sally, or cousin Laura who married the most perfect guy and can give you the “best” piece of advice) want to do, for when you meet THE ONE, you will know and he will accept you EXACTLY how YOU are.

Same goes for you accepting him… No one is perfect, including yourself, you have to recognize that, and there will be things you don’t looooove about your partner. That’s where the famous term “agree to disagree” comes into the picture. – THAT DOES NOT MEAN SETTLE – but, if he is a guy you love hanging out with, have fun, supports you, loves you, admires you – if he didn’t take out the rubbish and/or dry the dishes – which I think is absolutely ridiculous as they dry alone when you put them on the drying rack – have a go at him, but not as if you caught the guy cheating on you with your best friend! Relax, get your point across and then have fun! Life’s too short.

Your mum, dad, sister, brother, friend, colleague, pet dog, fish or therapist is not the person that will wake up everyday (however long the relationship lasts – yes, I do believe in true love and of the term FOREVER, for those wondering) next to this person, but you… So just do whatever makes you happy.

Don’t go over the What’s? If? Why? How? When? Those questions can mess you up big time… Sometimes an hour, sometimes a week, sometimes a lifetime, but just remember, as long as you were you and did everything that was in you, It’s not your fault.

Today I’m in a London Grammar kind of mood…

London Grammar are a band from……..

Daaaaaamn, you clever, from London!

In September 2013 they released their debut studio album called If You Wait which includes hits such as Strong, Nightcall and Hey Now.

I’ve known about the trio (Hannah, Dan & Dominic) for quite a while now and I dig them.

Sorry for my language today, I woke up in the weirdest, yet most fantastic  mood EVER!

Today I would like to share the British trios album with y’all! It’s a little over an hour long, but it will calm you down and you’ll be able to focus and work whilst listening to it.

Hope you enjoy! (Remember it’s Wednesday, only 2 days away from the weekend!)

P.S: Disclosure’s tune Help Me Lose My Mind was written (and performed) by London Grammar’s Hannah Reid and the Lawrence Brothers!

Old 45’s – Chromeo & HAIM’s collaboration

Electro-Funk dup, Chromeo from Montreal, Canada formed back in 2002 by David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel.

The sassy duo have played in festivals all around the world, I saw them play a few years back in a cool outdoors concert in Mexico City, and they were AWESOME!

Some of their most famous songs are Night By Night, Over Your Shoulder, When The Night Falls, Jealous (I Ain’t With It) and the list goes on….

The point I would like to get to is that the boys got together with the HAIM sisters and released and incredible song AND video called Old 45’s – from beginning to end, both the song and video are incredible, plus, Napoleon Dynamite is in it!!! <3

RANDOM FACT: Macklovitch’s younger brother is A-Trak (of Duck Sauce)