(One) of my fave ladies this year: MØ

One of my favourite/most listened to artists this year was .

I never knew how to pronounce her stage name until a few weeks ago when I came across this video.

Karen Marie Ørsted is a 27 year old Danish singer and songwriter. Being compared to Grimes (LOVE) and Twin Shadow, it’s more than obvious that MØ was going to be a hit.

In the following video all your questions will be answered:

How do you pronounce MØ?
What does MØ mean?
Why did MØ choose that has her stage name?
Songs on MØ’s debut mean…?
What did MØ’s grandpa do for a living?
What does MØ think about having an AKA name and why?

Love her to bits!

This is one of my faves; Kamikaze

Walk This Way