“George Fest: A Night to celebrate The Music of George Harrison”

In celebration of The George Harrison Apple Years Box Set, on Sunday 28th September at The El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles “George Fest: A Night To Celebrate The Music of George Harrison” will take place.

Artists such as Ben Harper, Norah Jones, Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips, Brandon Flowers & Mark Stoermer of The Killers, Cold War Kids, Nick Valensi of The Strokes and more will be hosting and performing at the special event.

George Harrison – My Sweet Lord

Joy Division is more popular in Mexico City than anywhere else in the world!

Manchester Evening News posted an article according to Google trend studies which states that the Manchester band Joy Division is more popular in Mexico City than anywhere else in the world – including Manchester!

Joy Division were and english rock band formed in 1976 from Salford. The band was originally named Warsaw and the band primarily consisted of Ian Curtis (Vocals and guitar), Bernard Sumner (guitar and keyboards), Peter Hook (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Stephen Morris (drums and percussion).

The life story of the band and each of it’s members is extremely interesting, and another thing I’d like to say is, Ian Curtis’ love and passion for life and music was admiring, the way he ended his life at only 23 was extremely unfortunate and sad, but after reading so much about him, I must say, I really do admire the lad. RIP Ian Curtis.

My favourite song by Joy Division is called Disorder. Have a listen to the boys playing live in Manchester, my hometown <3

Grimes rejects Ice Bucket Challenge

Claire Boucher, better known as, Grimes opted out of the challenge to raise money and awareness for ALS.

Grimes was nominated by friend DJ Richie Hawtin, but she rejected the challenge “because of their record on testing on animals.”

The ALS Foundation has openly said that it uses worms, rodents and flies to better understand disease mechanisms and develop therapies and say that if a donor is not comfortable with a specific type of research, he or she can stipulate that their dollars not be invested in that particular area.

The Canadian singer-songwriter and video director decided to donate money to the Malala Fund as she quotes that “education is the key to ending almost every issue that faces humanity and our world today.”

Grimes – Genesis

Jennifer Lawrence has been spending quality time with…

As if we didn’t need to envy Jennifer Lawrence more than we already do!

Reports and gossip are flying all over the world regarding the whether Lawrence is dating heartthrob Chris Martin from Coldplay!

The rumours going around have been confirmed to be true and the two have supposidly been spending quality time together since late June – after Jen split up from Nicholas Hoult.

Jennifer is a big fan of Coldplay and has said that Chris is “hot” in the past. Coldplay even wrote and recorded a song for Hunger Games:Catching Fire.

Coldplay – Atlas

People are dissing Chris as he’s still ‘technically’ married to Gwyneth, but I personally think it’s all a load of rubbish and that there ALWAYS has to be a bad guy in the story. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in marriage and being faithful all the way, but Chris and Gwyn have been over for months now! Just because they haven’t signed the divorce paper he’s being dissed?  BULL!

I love this couple and couldn’t be happier (even though I LOVE Gwyneth too!)

Boy George said “it was a bit like meeting The Queen” when he met famous singer!

Boy George and Taylor Swift were both guests on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday and this is what Boy had to tweet about the rendez-vous:

“Meeting Taylor Swift was a bit like meeting The Queen! It was funny! I’m just so South East London!”

Chris Martin talks about Colplay’s plans and working with RiRi

Chris Martin talks about Coldplay’s sixth studio album called Ghost Stories which came out in May and mentions that the boys are already working on their next album!

“Good songs they just appear from somewhere and I catch em” – Chris Martin

Chris and RiRi were in the studio together and hopefully we’ll hear something from the two soon.

After seeing this video of Coldplay’s frontman, I’m even more in love with him than ever before…

72 year old star joins Instagram

Can you guess who just joined Instagram?

She’s 72 (looks amazing for her age), stared in Meet the Fockers and has a song named after her….

I’m talking about Barbra Streisand! The classy, beautiful, talented, sweet actress and singer/songwriter opened up Instagram on Wednesday.

Her first pic was of her (looking flawless) and her dog, Samantha sat on a chair posing and her caption read the following: Hello Instagram… isn’t my Samantha just precious?

Miley has done it again…. and again, and again, and again…

Miley Cyrus has done it again… and again, and again, and again… Anything and everything can be expected from this Nashville, Tennessee born star.

A few months ago her dog, Floyd, passed away (RIP), and she and Wayne Coyne – Flaming Lips frontman – got matching tats in commemoration of her loyal pet. Thing is, Miley’s tattoo is right next to her left boob, and she obviously uploaded pictures in every angle, position, shape and form – which caused a lot of polemic at the time…

This time, she got “Love Yer Brain” inked onto her arm (it’s the name of a Flaming Lips song).

“You can love yer brain
even if it slips down the drain
man, I’m not no drug addict
but a person’s gotta have something
to keep him from going insane”