Melanie C is back after 4 years with a new album!

Melanie C’s (better known as Mel C and/or Sporty Spice – well, at least by me – ) seventh studio album is out today.

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Anyone was the first and lead single off Version of Me.

Being such a massive Spice Girls fan as a kid, I followed Mel C’s path after their break up.

She had a few fantastic tunes (in my opinion) such as Never Be The Same Again and When You’re Gone with Bryan Adams – MASSIVE FAN OF THAT TUNE!!!

Version of Me is basically a pop album, and I’ve heard it form A to Z – considering the fact it came out today and it’s only 11:03am in Mexico City (where I am), I’m VERY impressed!

The album has 11 songs on it and I wish Mel the best in the world with it.

(You can buy it digitally, physically, or listen to it on Spotify!)

2 thoughts on “Melanie C is back after 4 years with a new album!

  1. Yo amo la de HERE AND NOW ! cual es tu favorita del nuevo álbum ?? Lo voy a escuchar al rato pero quiero saber tu opinión ya que confío en tus gustos musicales .
    Por cierto hoy salió el nuevo Album de Lady Gaga, no se que tanto te guste pero me gustaría tu retroalimentación


    1. Thanks so much!!!
      Me encantó el disco de Melanie, como dije en el post, es súper pop, pero está muy bueno. Me gusto mucho la de “Numb – Sons of Sonix” y “Room for Love”. Admiro mucho a Lady Gaga pero no soy tan fan de su música. Vi que salía hoy su nuevo disco y eso, pero no me sentaré a escucharla por el momento.

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