Rihanna released her latest video less than an hour ago and it’s a piece of art

Less than an hour ago Rihanna released the video for Kiss It Better.

Photoshoot for ANTI album cover

The black and white video already has over 330,000 views, and the song is featured on RiRi’s eighth  studio album ANTI.

Have a look at Rihanna’s latest piece of art, here!

My interview with electronic duo; Joyzu

I’m the most Old School person I know, but when it comes to situations like the following, I LOVE technology!

I discovered an electronic duo called Joyzu a few weeks ago and contacted them via Twitter and interviewed them!

Joyzu 01

Nicole: So, please tell me a little bit about you guys… Where are you from? How old are you? How do you know each other etc?
Joyzu: Joyzu is composed of two members. Carson Willms (21) is from Sacramento, California; and Quinton Pope (21) is from Denver, Colorado. We are best friends that grew up together in California, but Quinton moved to Denver to pursue some big music opportunities.

Nicole: Who are your musical influences?
Joyzu: We have so many influences, it is hard to keep it short. Our immediate go-to’s are names like Porter Robinson, Madeon, Flume, Dillon Francis, Zhu, San Holo, and a ton more. They really influence our production style and what we envision our live shows to be like. Of course we love all kinds of music, but those are our electronic music inspirations.

Joyzu Ft. Olivia Reid – Like A Melody

Nicole: Do you have other jobs a part from being electronic artists and producers?
Joyzu: Quinton works at a coffee shop, and Carson is a bartender.

Nicole: When you hear a song, do you know straight away that you have to/know you can do an incredible version of it and do you kind of have an idea of what it will sound like or what you want it to sound like before actually doing it?

Joyzu: All the time. Ever since we got into production, listening to music has changed. Were always analyzing songs, listening for the smallest details or trying to visualize the songs in a DAW so we can learn more about good structure, progressions, engineering etc. It kind of ruins the listening experience sometimes, because its hard to just “listen” to a song without thinking about it.

Nicole: I heard Up All Night and thought it was fantastic, is it a track of your own? How many tracks have you done from beginning to end?
Joyzu: Thank you 🙂 – Yep! Up All Night is one of our original songs. That song is pretty different from what we have been making lately, but we definitely have a few similar songs to that style – were not sure if they will ever hit the public stream. We play them at our live shows though 🙂 We have 6 songs posted publically, but so many that are unreleased its crazy. We have about 5 or 6 originals that are done but havent released yet. But we are releasing one song every month this year so, you’ll hear them soon!

Joyzu – Up All Night

Nicole: Where can people hear your stuff and find you?
Joyzu: Were on all social media platforms as @joyzumusic 🙂 also on Spotify! so make sure to check that out <3

“We are super open people. Feel free to connect with us on social media platforms – see whats up, show us some cool music, send us your demos.. whatever! We love hearing from everyone.” – Joyzu

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/joyzumusic

URSS Bajo el Árbol lanza video para el primer sencillo de su próximo álbum

Uno de mis grupos favoritos, URSS Bajo el Árbol acaba de sacar el video para la canción Profecía.

Profecía es el primer sencillo del upcoming disco de URSS y saldrá a mediados del año (no hay fecha definido aun).

Pueden ver a los chavos tocar el próximo 2 de abril en Álvaro Oregon 160 (Roma Norte) y el 15 de abril en el Alicia. Son una bandota, y en vivo, even better! So if you’re free next Saturday, you MUST check them out!

Escuchen el #sabanudista mas frito hasta ahorita con nuestro invitado especial, Chamuco, aquí!

Escuchen el #sabanudista de la semana pasada con nuestro invitado especial, Jorge AKA, Chamuco, aquí!

Hablamos de musica, Bowie, El Imperial, comida, mezcal y mucho mas!

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.58.49 PM


I only just realised that today is Fryday…

I woke up today, got dressed and went to a chic area (Polanco) in Mexico City to see my nephews, sister and brother in law as it’s Semana Santa and not many work or have school today.


For at least 4 hours I thought it was Sunday, then I checked my phone for some reason and saw it was Friday.

As it’s Friday, but with a Sunday mood, I decided to put this playlist together.

Reef – Place Your Hands

Arrested Development – Dr. Wendal

Primal Scream – Rocks

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – What I Am

Alanis Morissette – Hand in my Pocket

Semitonic – Secret Smile

Len – Steal My Sunshine

red jesus lanza lyric video para Born in Mexico

Nacido en la Ciudad de México y criado en Santiago de Chile, Fernando Costa AKA red jesus acaba de lanzar el lyric video de su canción Born in Mexico.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.40.51 AM

Born in Mexico es una canción que alude directamente a la inmigración latina en E.U. y sobre las ventajas de ser red “en un planeta racista”, dice el músico. El video fue home made y solo usó una camera, un proyector y una presentación de Power Point. (“…fue más que suficiente para mandar un claro mensaje de unidad e incitar al baile como si fuese una solución mágica para el rechazo y discriminación.”)

Coming Soon es el primer álbum solista del cant-autor y salió en el 2014. Fue producido por su hermano, Jorge, co-producido por red jesus y conto con colaboraciónes de músicos como Mike Torres (Macy Gray), Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), y Tim Carmon (Eric Clapton y Paul McCartney).

red jesus con su álbum Coming Soon
red jesus con su álbum Coming Soon

El genero de red jesus se podría definir como folk/alternativo/pop-rock/rock ecléctico.

red jesus – Born in Mexico

Alex de Los Esquizitos en sabanudista!

Alejandro Fernandez nos acompaña en este sabanudista!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.25.19 PM

Alex toca en Los Esquizitos y hace varias cosas mas (incluyendo pintar!)

Hablamos de música, arte, sexo, alcohol, religion y más!

Escucha el programa, aqui!


Today I’m losing my Rolling Stones virginity!

Today I lose my Rolling Stones VIRGINITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rolling Stones will be playing today and on Thursday in Mexico City!

It’s not the first time they’ve played in this wonderful City, but it is the first time I’ll see them play LIVE!

I’m lucky enough to be going for work and you can read an article I’ll be writing for an american magazine, tomorrow or on Wednesday.

I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you later, Mick, Ronnie, Keith and Charlie!


Sympathy for the Devil

#sabanudista con…. Gastronauta DF!

Ya llego el #sabanudista de esta semana y el invitado especial es… Gastronauta DF.

Ese Wey, Gastronauta, Pablo Araiza & Yo!
Ese Wey, Gastronauta, Pablo Araiza & Yo!

Max St Roman es el Gastronauta (alias que se inventó hace 3 años).

Hablamos y disgustamos comida, de Top Chef Mexico, Cooked, Rachael Ray, The Naked Chef, Marks & Spencer, Louisiana, tips y muchas cosas más!

Pueden encontrar y ver fotos de Max en Instagram @gastronautadf y visitan el restaurante Huset, es DELICIOSO y súper bonito, Colima 256, Colonia Roma.

Escucha el programa, aquí!


El programa empieza con esta rola que escogió Ese Wey:

Zeds & Aloe Blacc – Candyman