I turn 28 years old on Sunday!

This Sunday (17th January) I turn 28 years old.

Making a wish, or 23 last night whilst celebrating my birthday.
Making a wish, or 23 last night whilst celebrating my birthday.

I can’t believe it… I really can’t.

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Nilsson – Put The Lime In The Coconut

This year was INSANE in so many ways… I lost friends, made new friends, trusted my intuition a lot more, accepted who I am, stopped worrying about what people think about me, became even more sentimental and emotional, found out I was going to be an aunt for the third time, understood that happiness doesn’t depend on materialistic things (even though they do help, but that’s not happiness), had “The Talk” with my dad about my life and it only lasted about 5 minutes – now that is a MASSIVE accomplishment; we’ve always gotten on great, but we finally accepted and understood each other on another level. My baby sister ain’t so young anymore, she turned 22 and she is the person I most admire in the world. Most importantly, I am understanding and not understanding myself at the same time, it’s weird… The more you know, the less you know. That’s what I learnt this year.

I feel blessed and I’m very lucky and I would like to thank every single person reading this.

James Brown – I Feel Good

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