Mexico City, chocolate covered popcorn and Nirvana

Last night, after an adventurous day out, going to see a “gig” at Bellas Artes (Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional), walking around the centre of Mexico, buying Gansito flavoured fancy chocolate that cost $22 pesos a piece, having to down a coffee because the restaurant called us telling us our table was ready way before the 40 minutes they said they were going to take – just to mention, at least 3 tables were empty when we arrived and asked for a table – eating chile en nogada with beef instead of pork (as I don’t eat pork), it tasted good; didn’t drive me wild to be honest, my favourite part of it was the pieces of pomegranate put on the chile in a white sauce as a topping…

After that very long and delightful lunch, I went on a mini tour or the Zocalo, went into the church of the centre/downtown for the first time; from what I remember, I think the organ is the biggest organ to work in all of Latin America. The church is beautiful, has a very pacific vibe to it, the smell is perfect, tourists having a peek, locals going to Sunday mass, others going to escape reality, others to face it; bliss.

Well, after that I went to watch a movie at a friends place, ended up watching two movies, making popcorn – once piece of advice NEVER read instructions, popcorn gets burnt if you leave it in the microwave for 2 minutes 20 seconds, come to think of it, not one piece of popcorn got burnt, I did come across a piece of uncooked corn or two though… Hey, I’m human!
I then separated the popcorn into two; popcorn on its own in an acrylic bowl, and popcorn in the bag where I added a chocolate kind of spread, not the brand you’re thinking of with an N, but an amazing spread that my friend brought over from the States….

It was late and it had been an intense but wonderful day, time to go home; even though I always get a rush of blood to the head late at night and can’t sleep…. It was time to go.

The Uber driver picked me up, I didn’t know whether or not he wanted to talk as it was Sunday, around 1am, and well, he just might not have been in the mood to talk, tired or whatever, but he asked me what music I wanted to listen to, so I asked if he could put on 105.7 FM.

His first comment after me mentioning the radio station was: “So, you’re into rock?” (In Spanish)
I said: Yes, love it! I guess rock is like a classic, everyone has to love it. (In Spanish, too)

We started chatting about rock music, and I asked him who his favourite rock band is, he answered “Nirvana” without thinking about his answer twice…

I must say, I don’t like judging people by their appearance, and I don’t, but I do judge people to a certain point based on their music taste.

Nirvana is a very deep, dense, passionate part of existence… I admire the members still with us a hell of a lot, and admire Kurt Cobain (lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Nirvana) loads; No, I don’t say that to try and fit in, nor do I say it because I think it’s something cool people say, he did commit suicide, which is something I don’t understand nor applaud, but from what I’ve read up on Kurt, movies I’ve seen on him, what people say about him, interviews he did, gigs I’ve seen on the internet, the music he wrote and played, he was extremely passionate…

Being passionate has its pros and cons… It can be an extremely beautiful, lovely, exciting thing, but it is also very tiring, energy consuming and can destroy you…. And (in my mind), that is exactly what happened to Cobain.

I wanted to share this story with you all, I don’t think there has to be a reason to everything, and I have no conclusion to this post, I just wanted to share what I thought and felt with whoever clicked on this post.

Enjoy this song played at Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged gig back in 1993…

Something In The Way

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