Famous drummers share their thoughts on Ringo Starr

Have a sneak peek at what talented drummers had to say about Ringo Starr, you know, from The Beatles!

“It’s such an iconic drum set” – Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

“4 drums, that’s all Ringo Starr needed” – Max Weinberg (The E Street Band) and more in the video below.

(You have to click on the link below as posting the video has been disabeled by request!) – DEF worth watching though!


Meet Virginia

Virginia is a DJ, singer, songwriter and producer. She’s been in the electronic music biz for over a decade now.

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, she started hanging out and moving around in the 90’s music scene and was Flokati’s resident DJ for some time (amongst other famous clubs in Germany).

I came across this tune and video the other day, and apart from the tune being very upbeat, I love how she DJ’d and sang like an absolute champ!


Never argue with a fool…

“Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” – Mark Twain

Day to day we meet, converse/hang out, discover, and more than anything, tolerate fools.

Some are fools, some treat us like fools… Thing is, NEVER argue with one.

The minute I read the quote by the famous American author, this song came to my mind…

Led Zeppelin – Fool In The Rain

Super Mario + Violin mashup

I came across this video that I actually discovered a while ago, but wanted to share it with you all.

I’m not a big fan of video games, but when I was a kid, I loveeeeed playing Mario Kart and Super Mario.

(Kids born before 1990 know what I’m talking about, those born after, will probably know cause of older brothers/sisters, cousins, or because it’s considered an antique or vintage item which eventually ends up being a hipster trend).

Personally, I think Nintendo 64 was and is the best video game console to exist.

This guy plays the violin to that annoying song that still to this day, remains tattooed in our brains.

As I have the whole Super Mario soundtrack on loop in my head now, I’d love it if you guys had it on loop too.


Time to break down your barricades and follow your own heart now…

Being a 20 something year old girl, (27 to be exact) social, fun, weird, intense, emotional, single and a totally HONEST, to the point and direct gal has helped me in a lot of ways…. Minus one.

1) Family: I am extremely grateful for the Dad and sisters I got blessed with!!! – Yes, we have our ups and down, differences, we’re human and have our own ways of thinking and being, but I think as long as everyones respects everyone, we can all Float On.
Without you 3, I don’t know where I’d be <3

2) Friends: Thanks to all those in my life, whether you’re still a part of it or not, well, such is life, hold on to the good ones, never give up and recognize the honest, loving and good people.

3) Work: I do what I love!!! You know how satisfying that is?!! Well, it’s incredible!!! I’m not going to make out that it’s a piece of cake, I’m struggling, and would like to basically be the next Fearne Cotton, but whatever… Hahahaha! As Bobby Womack sang, When There’s A Will There’s A Way!

4) Men: –

I’m sure you noticed that number 4 is blank…. You know why? Well… It’s because even though guys say girls are crazy and complicated and don’t say things up front… Well, yes, I am a girl and I’m a tad crazy, but I am VERY direct. I say what’s on my mind, I don’t do the whole drama ritual of not answering the phone for a few hours or even days, block or delete a guy – that’s SO 90’s – or any of that if a guy does something I don’t agree with… I actually confront him… and guess where that has gotten me?! ABSOLUTELY nowhere.

So, after all the years playing on the field, from rounders, football to american football, I have come to a conclusion. Ready?

Do whatever the hell YOU (not your mate Sally, or cousin Laura who married the most perfect guy and can give you the “best” piece of advice) want to do, for when you meet THE ONE, you will know and he will accept you EXACTLY how YOU are.

Same goes for you accepting him… No one is perfect, including yourself, you have to recognize that, and there will be things you don’t looooove about your partner. That’s where the famous term “agree to disagree” comes into the picture. – THAT DOES NOT MEAN SETTLE – but, if he is a guy you love hanging out with, have fun, supports you, loves you, admires you – if he didn’t take out the rubbish and/or dry the dishes – which I think is absolutely ridiculous as they dry alone when you put them on the drying rack – have a go at him, but not as if you caught the guy cheating on you with your best friend! Relax, get your point across and then have fun! Life’s too short.

Your mum, dad, sister, brother, friend, colleague, pet dog, fish or therapist is not the person that will wake up everyday (however long the relationship lasts – yes, I do believe in true love and of the term FOREVER, for those wondering) next to this person, but you… So just do whatever makes you happy.

Don’t go over the What’s? If? Why? How? When? Those questions can mess you up big time… Sometimes an hour, sometimes a week, sometimes a lifetime, but just remember, as long as you were you and did everything that was in you, It’s not your fault.