Blur will release 8th studio album this month!

Blur will release their 8th studio album called The Magic Whip on April 27th!!!

Think Tank was the last album Blur released (back in 2003), and a hell of a lot has happened in the music world since then… Many record labels disappeared, loads of music shops all over the world went bust, you can (but shouldn’t) download music for free online, a lot of people buy music online instead of buying the actual physical CD or vinyl, talking about vinyl’s, they became pretty popular again – thanks to the hipsters… and me :): – those who have listened to music on a vinyl must accept that it’s the closest (or even sometimes better) sound to the artist playing live! – point is, it’s a different world these days!

The idea of the album came about when the boys were stranded in Japan for 5 days as the music festival they were going to play in (Tokyo Rocks Music Festival) got cancelled for unknown reasons. The boys distracted themselves by working on new material but later Damon Albarn stated that he didn’t know whether or not the resulting music would ever be released.
In November 2014, Graham Coxon (one of the founding members of Blur) received Damon’s approval to continue with the recordings, Graham then presented the music he had come up to Albarn to see if it was worthy of an album, D was diggin’ it, and on the way back fro his solo tour in Aussie, Damon pit stopped in Hong Kong for more lyrical inspiration, vocals were completed by the end of January 2015, and the album’s mastering was completed on the 15th of Feb – meaning 3 days before the whole world got to listen to what would be and is Blur’s first single off their eighth studio album, The Magic Whip.

The Blur boys released Go Out (first single off the album) on the 19th of Feb. The song already has over a million views on YouTube, their second single There Are Too Many Of Us was uploaded on the 20th of March and just 3 days later the official audio for Lonesome Street was released.

So far, the album has had excellent reviews, personally, I think it’s a fantastic album. It has that Blur touch to it, a 90’s vibe to it and at the same time it’s modern, I don’t know if I’m explaining myself?! Hahahaha…. Well, I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say, and if not, have a listen to the three songs out and let me know what you think!

Have a look at the video and listen to There Are Too Many Of Us below.

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