Happy 56th Bday, Robert Smith!

Today is Robert Smith‘s 56th Birthday!

Robert is The Cure‘s lead singer among many other things in the band.

Born in Blackpool, England (ma homie!) back in 1959, Smith is a multi-instrumentalist, known for his unique stage look – funky hair and messy makeup. But he sure carries a voice on him! Still till this day, Robert is known for his spectacular performances – very long ones as well.. sometimes over 3 hours!

As a commemoration of Smith’s birthday I’d like to post the following song….

The Cure – Lovesong

David Bowie interview back in the year 2000

Lately I’ve been rather obsessed with David Bowie and I’m just getting into all his phases, characters and all that.

One of my favourite songs in the world – after Bittersweet Symphony is Heroes by Bowie. There’s something about that song that gives me a very strange, beautiful, exciting, hopeful, nostalgic, lovely feeling and as I’ve been listening to Bowie 24/7 for the last few days, I’d like to share with you all this interview I came across by Jeremy Paxman back in the year 2000.

I would also like to comment that a few months ago I met a very special person in my life, (you know who you are)…. Heroes will always remind me of you.. I remember us talking about this song and you told me how it changed and helped you in life, and since then, I fell even more in love with the song. You’re an admirable human being. Never give up, fight for what you want and even though our paths lead us in different directions, you always have a friend in me.

What David says from beginning to end is absolutely true… Sit back, relax and watch the interview below!

The Prodigy just released their latest tune and video ft. Sleaford Mods

The first time I heard The Prodigy I was 8 years old… Back in 1996 The Prodigy became a huge sensation with their very catch tune and strange video Firestarter.

Well, The Prodigy are back and have just released their latest tune with Sleaford Mods called Ibiza.

The video was released on Noisey’s YouTube channel just two hours ago!

If you’re into that kind of music (electronica), I think you’re going to love it!

Ibiza is featured on the Essex boys latest album The Day Is My Enemy released this past March.

Inside Abbey Road

Abbey Road Studios is a recording studio that was established in November 1931.

Apart from being the name of one of the most important albums in the world by The Beatles, Abbey Road is very well known for being a venue for innovative recording techniques in the 1960’s.

Bands such as The Beatles, the Hollies, Pink Floyd, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Paul Robeson, Cliff Richard, Blur, Gustavo Cerati, Dura Duran, Enya, Radiohead, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Meat Loaf, Dave Matthews, Depeche Mode, and a ton more of insane bands and artists have worked at Abbey Road Studios. – To be honest, if I were a musician, I’d def do some work at the studio… Abbey Road Studios is iconic, and will continue being a legendary place till the world ends.

Well, now all of us music lovers will get the chance to have a sneak peak at what the famous studio actually looks like thanks to Google!

Click on the following link and have a tour of Abbey Studios!

Inside Abbey Road

Watch The Swinging Blue Jeans perform The Hippy Hippy Shake in a mocked up session at Abbey Road.

Texas ft. Paul Buchanan (Live at Abbey Road) – Sleep

Passover and Uptown Funk mashup

Today is the first day of Passover (commemoration of the liberation of Jews by God from slavery in Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses).

Passover lasts 7 days, during those seven days, one should not eat bread or anything with wheat, barley, spelt, or rye. This is the holiday where matzah is eaten… – After day 2, I personally get tired of it… Anyways….

As this is something I’ll be celebrating with my loved ones over the next few days, I’d like to share this cool video Aish did – a Jewish version of Uptown Funk and I must say, it’s very good!

Happy Passover and Easter to all!

May this be a year full of health, happiness, success, excitement, accomplishments and LOTS of love.

Blur will release 8th studio album this month!

Blur will release their 8th studio album called The Magic Whip on April 27th!!!

Think Tank was the last album Blur released (back in 2003), and a hell of a lot has happened in the music world since then… Many record labels disappeared, loads of music shops all over the world went bust, you can (but shouldn’t) download music for free online, a lot of people buy music online instead of buying the actual physical CD or vinyl, talking about vinyl’s, they became pretty popular again – thanks to the hipsters… and me :): – those who have listened to music on a vinyl must accept that it’s the closest (or even sometimes better) sound to the artist playing live! – point is, it’s a different world these days!

The idea of the album came about when the boys were stranded in Japan for 5 days as the music festival they were going to play in (Tokyo Rocks Music Festival) got cancelled for unknown reasons. The boys distracted themselves by working on new material but later Damon Albarn stated that he didn’t know whether or not the resulting music would ever be released.
In November 2014, Graham Coxon (one of the founding members of Blur) received Damon’s approval to continue with the recordings, Graham then presented the music he had come up to Albarn to see if it was worthy of an album, D was diggin’ it, and on the way back fro his solo tour in Aussie, Damon pit stopped in Hong Kong for more lyrical inspiration, vocals were completed by the end of January 2015, and the album’s mastering was completed on the 15th of Feb – meaning 3 days before the whole world got to listen to what would be and is Blur’s first single off their eighth studio album, The Magic Whip.

The Blur boys released Go Out (first single off the album) on the 19th of Feb. The song already has over a million views on YouTube, their second single There Are Too Many Of Us was uploaded on the 20th of March and just 3 days later the official audio for Lonesome Street was released.

So far, the album has had excellent reviews, personally, I think it’s a fantastic album. It has that Blur touch to it, a 90’s vibe to it and at the same time it’s modern, I don’t know if I’m explaining myself?! Hahahaha…. Well, I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to say, and if not, have a listen to the three songs out and let me know what you think!

Have a look at the video and listen to There Are Too Many Of Us below.