Meet JJ Hodari, a passionate musician that I’ve known since I was a child

Born and raised in Manchester, England, JJ Hodari, is a down to earth, passionate, deep guy with an immense love for music that is noticeable the minute you hear him sing or see him play.

I’ve known JJ for years, since we were toddlers, and when I heard his music the first, I remember I was speechless. I had no idea JJ was into music! We were friends on social networks, but hadn’t really kept that much in touch…

JJ has said that he wants to make real music, no gimmicks – and this is evident in his emotive vocals and catchy melodies.

It’s weird to be a fan of someone you’ve known for years, but I must say, I am a big fan of yours JJ!

May your passion spread around the world, and I wish you the best in the world.

Have a listen to JJ perform his debut single Break our Bones released last October here: