This is what happens when you lose a fantasy football bet

Chuck Jose lost a fantasy football bet with his mates and was forced to do a “remake” of Sia’s Chandelier video (which I’m sure EVERYONE has seen!)

Maddie Ziegler is the girl that caught everyone’s attention in Sia’s original video, but Chuck nailed it, he even wore a leotard and wig!

Austin Psych Fest presents Levitation 2015!

Austin Psych Fest presents Levitation 2015!

A trippy video was uploaded yesterday with Christian Bland and The Revelators song Daughters of the Son musicalizing images with names of the bands that’ll be performing at the festival on May 8th, 9th and 10th.

The festival will take place at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas and it’ll be their 8th edition.

The lineup is impressing and includes artists such as The Flaming Lips, Primal Scream, Tame Impala, Spiritualized, Las Robertas and more.

Have a look at the video released by APF here!

Howard Stern interviews the Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters were on The Howard Stern Show earlier today… The interview is long, but it’s one of the most interesting interviews I’ve ever listened to.

Howard is an excellent host and asks such interesting questions, really gets in there, but in a ver organic way, and THAT is what makes an interview engaging, intriguing and captivating.

Dave Grohl talks about where the name of the band came about from, Nirvana (yeh, Dave talks about Nirvana and Kurt!), Gangnam Style, Paul McCartney, song lyrics, interviewing Obama, making truce with Courtney Love, Prince, perform Learn To Fly and Something From Nothing, and lots more.

This interview is a MUST, so if you’re at work, plug in your headphones and if you’re at home, grab a beer, sit back and enjoy.

Who is Who: Jarrad Seng gets confused with Steve Aoki at Stereosonic

Jarrad Seng is a talented photographer from Aussie and looks A LOT like Steve Aoki.

He impersonated the top DJ at Stereosonic festival for 3 hours and people went wild for him!

Funniest thing is, Aoki himself was performing at the festival and while he was DJ’ing, Seng was walking around the park and people didn’t understand what was going on!

Have a look at the video here!

Blast to the past: Oasis perform at Maine Road, Manchester 1996

This picture of Oasis performing live at Maine Road, Manchester in 1996 is incredible.

Have a look at Oasis perform Whatever, and how Liam (strangely) gets mad with Noel in the middle of the song, stomps off stage, Noel goes on with the show, Liam comes back on stage seconds later, sits down having a smoke and a drink while the crowd joins in with Noel and the rest of the boys and Liam’s face is priceless!